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From: PJ Gaenir Date: Mon Aug 5, ?00? 7:45 pm Subject: Current RV Field Notes largeruniverse Moderator's note: technically, media stuff is off-topic for this list and I won't normally post it. But there are a few things all up right now at the same time, so I thought I would send through this one message and add a couple other notes to it as well. -- PJ 1. From Prudence Calabrese: As a weekend project, I have taken some of the critiques to heart and am posting the RV lessons at their own website: (and mirror site? ) This way the lessons should be easier to follow and have a continuity that the blog does not offer. BUT, I will still keep the blog going as the companion site to Aurorabomb, and will post fun commentary and stories about RV and answer questions there. Peace Pru Calabrese ?. Joseph McMoneagle's book THE STARGATE CHRONICLES is out this month. I had the gift of reading this prior to publication, and I loved it. Joe's not only the best viewer out there but he's also the least known in a "personal" sense, and to many, his gruff exterior is all they know of him. The book is an autobiography, from childhood to present. It covers his childhood, his military work, seeming psi that happened prior to his ever being introduced to RV, as well as his RV-unit experience, a story nobody's heard before that gives some new insight to the program (and its eventual demise? ). I honestly think it's the kind of book everybody would like -- both those into RV, and those who just appreciate a good book about a fascinating person. For those who've read other books by Joe, this is a BIG change from his last couple - a well written, highly personal account, closer to the earlier parts of Mind Trek for narrative, except his writing gets even better over time, so I found this even more engrossing. I highly recommend it. 3. The Hawai'i Remote Viewers' Guild's RV Newsletter, ON-TARGET, has just released its current issue. Pics from the IRVA conference, an article on Cy Shinkawa, a Hawaiian who works as a Viewer for Calabrese's TDS, and a brief interview with yours truly no less (coming somewhat out of my cave? ). PJ

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