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Date: Fri Oct 18, ?00? 4:43 pm Subject: Cycles a_healey56 > PJ wrote > just as I get to that same point, the cycle starts again. G'day PJ, (a little Aussie lingo:-? ) I do most activities in my life, including RV, in cycles as you mention, only my cycles are self-imposed, or better yet, pre-determined. My rationale for these breaks is this: I believe we have to continually improve whatever it is we're doing, and by taking short breaks it not only keeps me from burning out on it, but more importantly, by intentionally stepping away from it for a while, it allows new, and hopefully improved ideas and insights to creep in during the latent periods. If I never take a break from certain activities, I almost always find myself doing the same routines and having the same paradigms ad nauseam, and never thinking of anything new and improved. I think it also keeps me from having the internal struggles you speak of. An added bonus is that I'm excited to get back at it after a two or three week vacation. I know other people who insist on never deviating from their routines, and I'm sure that works for them. Different strokes... Dave

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