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#?89 From: "Palyne Gaenir" Date: Tue Jul 30, ?00? 5:05 pm Subject: Data below the surface; sound, visuals dennanm Pru ref'd the book The Einstein Factor for her online training. ( http://blogs.salon.com/0001091/ ? ) Haven't got it yet, but did read a bunch of stuff online about increasing intelligence, learning strategies and so on, including an exercise from that book, called Image Streaming: http://www.winwenger.com/imstream.htm There is a great deal of info on that and another technique to allegedly increase IQ in a few pages that start here: http://www.winwenger.com/ebooks/guaran.htm Wish I had a pool! Long but worth reading. I also did some web searching and stumbled on a message board related to learning strategies and some info on variant sleep schedules. Interestingly, it looks like some of author Seth's comments in the early 1970's have proved true about not sleeping in long blocks, breaking it up. I was fascinated, searching web and amazon, to find a whole lot published on self-improvement techniques etc. 'Photoreading' sounded interesting. It reminds me of how I felt when I was about 19 and felt like there was no limit to what I could accomplish if I worked with myself. It's been years since I really pursued self-development -- except my recently re-taking up RV and structured meditations that is. It was sort of exciting to think about. Image Streaming is its own technique, but has a great deal in common with a few 'meditations' I have done for years. The theory (encapsulated? ) is that our mind is constantly talking to us in symbolic language, and that we can learn to tune into that. I actually know a 'psychic' who uses, it sounds to me, techniques exactly like this (at least as of about 15 years ago? ) -- but I was bewildered by her "stream of visual symbology" frankly. I didn't have the context for it this Image Streaming provides. It also suggests that recording it (or telling someone? ) and doing it regularly will increase the ability to do so. Some of the techniques included in the write-up are those I've used with archetype and control center meditations. Letting things change as they will; asking things in the visuals what they represent; and when I have a problem getting data, like I'm blocking it out, I visualize either opening a door or keeping my eyes closed and then "really suddenly" seeing something, and describing the first flash of info before I closed it off again. I've even had the occasional archetype talk to me and I couldn't hear it, so it did it in two-word increments, really fast, as if to keep coming by surprise just under my block or something. :-? ) COINCIDENTALLY, lately I have been starting to notice a whole lot of perception going on 'under the surface' of whatever I'm consciously thinking about. Sometimes it seems like another life, like bleedthroughs of a close parallel; sometimes who knows where it comes from. This was how a lot of my 'awareness' first began many eons ago, so I consider this a good sign. (I told the Inner Guide - part of the ArchMeds - that I just SO wanted to evolve and open up again recently. He grinned, "Fasten your seatbelt." I figured that was a good sign. :-? )? ) One thing to remember is most of this stuff is weirdly trivial. It doesn't 'seem cosmic. For example one thing I got today, that I realized I was 'paying attention to under the surface' of what I was thinking about, I was in my bedroom, and my daughter and I each on one side of my bed, and we were tying the curtains around my bed to the headboard posts and talking. This is fine except she's younger in 'this' world, and my bed doesn't HAVE curtains. I don't know where such stuff comes from. One thing I learned long ago is not to try and form any 'conclusions' from such data, unless it is received in direct response to a question asked. This morning I didn't yet have a solution for 'recording' image streaming (a requirement of the technique? ), but I thought I would ask a question and see what I got in the way of visuals (like the Image Streaming tech? ) as an experiment. It worked pretty well. I actually get a LOT of 'sound' below the surface, not just visual. This has been going on most of my life. Most the sound has no sense or context in 'this' reality, and I have learned to "hear it but ignore it". Just in the last few days, I have often become aware that about 15 seconds prior I had just heard, and then dismissed, some pretty major and clear sound. I realized that on some level, my mind knows the difference between sounds 'here' and sounds that aren't here, to know what to dismiss. (I've long figured it's probably that my throat chakra is fairly open, which might explain why most of my talents relate to communications and music.? ) I spent much of my life visualizing. I always did a lot of this via daydreams, and often for hours before sleeping. When I was in 4th grade, and my mother died, and I ran away, I had to do math homework through the summer. My father was so severe in his response to my missing even one problem - he graded them at ?am when he got back from work (?nd job as a nightclub musician? ) - that I came to be able to visualize long division and 4 digits times 4 digits entirely in my head in gold light (a survival skill :-? )? ). I would put the numbers where they went, and 'go back and get them' when I needed them. This annoyed teachers for years, as I could do extensive work in my head THEY couldn't, and they didn't believe me. :-? ) Years later, I found if I daydreamed too long, I could hit this... this level of consciousness, it seemed, where suddenly, the visuals "zoomed into real and became at least semi-autonomous". I assumed that it had to do with changing state of mind, more than anything. The Image Streaming author mentions that doing this in a fairly deep brainwave state can be profound. That's what I said early on about archetype meditations -- is that once you hit a deep theta they become semi- autonomous. Once you hit Delta, they ARE autonomous, or at least it seems that way. Regards, PJ pjrv : Messages : ?9?-?9? of 4038
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#?9? From: "Mary Ashley" Date: Tue Jul 30, ?00? 6:37 pm Subject: Re: Data below the surface; sound, visuals maryladyoflight Hi PJ, Win is the most gentle and unassuming of people and I am sure would love to engage you in conversations. FYI, he has done his own form of remote viewing for many years. At one time, we were going to write a book together.. we spent much time exploring the differing qualities of RV, clairvoyance and (IS? )image streaming. BTW, If you can find reference to the thirty day sandwich, that is good to do. Few folks have the commitment or staying power to complete it. I set my list several Imagestreaming exercises last year.. got some good results too. :? )? ) I found some folks had difficulty in interpreting their symbols though. It is a skill that some find it easy, some difficult. There are also ways developed by George Copsey, to make IS work at a creative level. All manner of sychronicities can begin to unfold. It is a very powerful tool. Akin to a loaded gun. So, at that level, not to be played with lightly. I have used it for myself and clients to stunning effect. :? )? ) Win has kindly given me many of his books and some of the techniques regarding extending one's energy field and its capabilities are really something. :? )? ) One of the skills he taught me was a breathing technique, I attempted to teach Bill whilst in Seattle. It involves thinking that every pore of your skin has nostrils and breathing in the chi. I find that six deep breaths using this technique is almost like a supercharge. PJ, if you do decide to contact him, he is an incredible man who is also incredibly busy and sometimes does not answer mail for months.. however, eventually, he always seems to do so. TTFN, Mary Ashley

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