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From: "pjgaenir" Date: Fri May 7, ?004 10:37 am Subject: Day 1 of the Galleries pjgaenir Yesterday's Galleries opening went fine. Alas I was operating on about 90 minutes of sleep from the night before, and so in fixing one small problem reported, created several others I had to fix this morning. No brain, no pain. That's the theory anyway. I was a little concerned that since the Demo and Peanut galleries are almost empty (not quite? ), given they are just display galleries of whatever is submitted through the three viewing galleries (Practice, Missions and Window? ) and that'll take time to populate, that people would gripe about that. Apparently this is no-brainer obvious though, as nobody has said anything. Most have just wandered around getting familiar with what is there and how it works, which is good. There's more options than meet the eye at first, and a lot of related info/help, so learning it takes a bit of walking through. It's difficult when making a fairly complex system (esp. as in this case, it's 'new'--people haven't been to 100 similar websites before as this is a tool that isn't existing till now? ) to present it. If you explain things, there's a ton of text people won't read. If you make it 'clean', nobody knows what's going on. Since the user interface expert and the proofreader and the primary beta tester is also the programmer here, it probably is weird and obscure LOL, and I'm hoping people's questions, comments and complaints will help me make it better. So git in there and wander and give me some feedback! ;-? ) choose 'Galleries' There are a few taskings open in the Missions Gallery for folks wanting to try some RV. Tasks close/feedback ~ 1?-15th May depending, and more Missions taskings are coming soon. This is fun, since at feedback everyone can see all the sessions for that task in the Demo Gallery (and comment/vote on them in the Peanut Gallery, IF the viewer set the session to allow that? ). Right now you can go inside, visit the Peanut Gallery and look at the few brief session snippets waterway did before we opened when he was helping test the system, and you can click on 'vote' to add comments and 'see all' to see any comments added by others. I would really like to hear some feedback, critical is fine! I expect it will be several months before we've gradually built up enough momentum of people and a few sessions, to really show it off better. Other features coming soon (like groups work and the home pages and the chat complex? ) will expand it as well. choose 'Galleries' PJ

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