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From: "etuthill_engineer" Date: Mon Sep 16, ?00? 1?:35 am Subject: deja vu etuthill_eng... Hey all- This may be somewhat in relation to PJs thread on bleedthrough- in fact, I am glad I read that thread prior to posting this. I have found that I have been experiencing more and stronger sensations of deja vu as I have been learning/practicing for RV. (To explain; I have been doing some listening to binaural beats as well, so as to get comfortable with theta state. Right now I only know protocol that goes into alpha.? ) For instance, the other day I walked in to a gym I had never been in to before. There was an airbrushed artwork on the wall, custom made for that gym, yet I knew wholeheartedly that I had seen that painting before, and I had a strong feeling that it was a few nights prior. Tagging the near future perhaps? Anyone else have odd reactions with a sense of deja vu during or after viewing? Curious to hear your thoughts. Eric

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