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From: "etuthill_engineer" Date: Mon Jun ?3, ?003 6:36 pm Subject: Distractions during alpha/theta ERV type stages etuthill_eng... Hi All- First off, I am an HRVGer, which means my terminology will not match yours, simply due to my own newbieness if I may invent a new word for the day. Anyhow, heres my general question/concern/thoughts... When I go into a meditative state for monitoring (S5 stage for HRVG, ERV for others?..? ) I find myself wonderfully distracted by what I can only describe as some very odd, but good physical distortions. FOr instance, the last target I worked, my hands and arms felt as is they grew in width, to over the width of my legs. I always feel as if I am floating, or rather, I feel waves of energy wash over me, as if in the ocean itself. I also sometimes feel different limbs detach. These are all fun things, but... the point here is to stay on target, grab accurate info. Of course my monitor does his job just fine keeping me awake, and gets me to cough up the data just fine (lol? ). Should I be concerned with having better focus? Or just ride the waves and enjoy? What do you all do? Just looking to better my game any way possible I guess. RVing has been a blast lately. A few hits in a row does wonders for the work ethic... I am sure to expect some great big bombs after typing that! Thanks all EricT pjrv : Messages : 3303-3357 of 4038
( ) ?006/07/01 15:0?:41


From: aeonblueau8008... Date: Tue Jun ?4, ?003 5:13 am Subject: Re: Distractions during alpha/theta ERV type stages terri8008 Hiya Eric... In my experience working ERV all sort of goofy phenomena occur, and it's quite common. Vastly heightened sensual perceptions, you may taste a color, hear a texture (I often 'smell' nationalities quite accurately? ). Floating, shifting, sinking, falling in -falling out, spinning, rolling, growing, shrinking, and right brain perceived (impressions distortions (?? ) of? ) body parts can grow, change place, duplicate or disappear, can sometimes seem to move (flip flop float jerk? ) and all of their own accord. (I have to be careful of how I lay in session as I lose all sense of my body and have come out of sessions with too much body numbness then have to endure pins and needle tingling when I go to move it, not to mention it feels quite alien? ) I expect as we are moving to the total right brain state of perception, the left brain analytical is taking the back seat. If ther is no analytical to say/dictate "Hey! thats not right or normal, you can't or don't do that, or that's not *real*", well.. it(you? ) becomes a right brain free for all, a total sensual. (often in right brain state, "it" makes complete and total sense 'out there' , (you simply 'know' and comprehend? ) but bring it back to here- left brain dominance, it makes no sense and can't be put into words? ) I feel I have 'anchor points' in this physical universe, an anchor point being i.e., I am sitting in my computer room and I can 'see' with my eyes 4 corners a ceiling and a floor (solid boundaries? ), these are my current anchor points in physical. If I step outside, my anchor points (seem? ) to expand, they are now a far as I can see in any or all directions. When I move to any altered state, I totally lose my (comfortable habitual? ) anchor points, my perceived boundaries in physical, I become somewhat or totally disoriented and 'lost in space', or the black blank space as there is no up or down or in or out. anyway, after a while you become used to, bypass or integrate them, the varied sensations or lack of. (Don't forget ERV is fun! :? ) I would say to practice your altered state and fool around with it so you get your fill of exploration (off duty? ), become accustomed to, then you can ignore it, or easily set it aside while in session, or your monitor can give/allow you ?0 mins or half hour of what I call 'free falling' (playing around? ) prior to launching the coords at you. If sensual experiences or impressions become too much of a bother in session I have learned to drop/sink deeper in altered state (bypass the phenomena? ), as the annoyances definitely for me seem to be at a certain level, much as passing thru the hypnagogic level/state. When I move to the altered state for ERV, I feel 'quite all', quite (full? ) of myself, and seem to be or encompass everything, except there's nothing there, but i'm it. When I get the coords it's like a rapid shift of perception or impression/s almost like a seeming flat expanse is now available and I fall/drop on to target or signal line, at which point the target now has some sort of anchor points that too rapidly expand and that I can hold to, to keep me focused.. If I am having trouble staying on target, I relax, clear my space (usually of my mind? ), and take a minute or two to 'match the vibrations' of the targeted site. I don't know how that works but it works for me, gets or puts more of me 'there'. All the best, and best of luck, Terri~~*


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Thu Jun ?6, ?003 4:16 pm Subject: Re: Distractions during alpha/theta ERV type stages docsavagebill Hi Terri, OK ya got my do different nationalites "smell". Also Do you have a stable of sensory cues for basic "man-made".. water...structure.. size..past..future..location?? Bill

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