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#?575 From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Mon Mar 10, ?003 6:16 am Subject: Re: |-_-| Re: doorknobbing? ozblueriver Hi Linda, A few of you have enlightened me on what I do myself regularly. Now I have a nice term for it. thanks Liz pjrv : Messages : ?531-?579 of 4038
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#?531 From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Sun Mar 9, ?003 ?:15 am Subject: doorknobbing? ozblueriver Would someone be so kind as to explain what doorknobbing is? thanks Liz [Non-text portions of this message have been removed] #?541 From: Dee Leslie Date: Sun Mar 9, ?003 10:18 am Subject: Re: doorknobbing? myratadee Hi Liz, Doorknobbing is looking at one tiny section of a target, like the doorknob instead of the entire building and describing it for an entire session. One way to ensure you are not doing this is to simply move yourself around the target. I once did a technology transfer target and described this really neat metallic energy flow and texture only to find out that the target was an elevator and I was stuck with my nose to the wall of it rather than seeing the entire thing! Hope this helps! Dee #?544 Date: Sun Mar 9, ?003 8:47 am Subject: Re: doorknobbing? rfjuice?000 Hi Liz, It's when you totally miss the whole point of the picture, and zero in on something inconsequential. For instance, lets say your target is the Lincoln Memorial, and someone placed a bottle of water at the base of it, and all that you viewed was the bottle of water. Take care, Linda #?565 From: aeonblueau8008... Date: Sun Mar 9, ?003 1:04 pm Subject: Re: doorknobbing? terri8008 yeah . . . . I'm famous for doorknobbing, drives me nuts. It's a terrible problem. It takes a monitors dogged persistence to move me or a total re-task. (pre-viewing the target helps this A LOT(understatement? ), and I always pre-view? ) It's a bugger when your plagued by it. sticky bits- stuck like glue . . . push thru the aperture. all the best Terri~~* [Non-text portions of this message have been removed] #?576 From: David Date: Sun Mar 9, ?003 10:53 pm Subject: Re: doorknobbing? a_healey56 Now that we know what doorknobbing is, does anyone know the etymology of the word? Dave ----------------------------- Moderator's note: Yes. It's one of many terms in RV that Swann had one word for and Buchanan chose to use another word for. He chose doorknobbing -- he says -- from a target he once did where, instead of describing the house, he described in extensive detail the crystal doorknob on the front door. -- PJ #?578 From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Mon Mar 10, ?003 6:10 am Subject: Re: doorknobbing? ozblueriver ROFL Now that sounds familiar. I do the same thing all the time. Thanks for the info. Liz > Dee wrote: > Doorknobbing is looking at one tiny section of a > target, like the doorknob instead of the entire #?579 From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Mon Mar 10, ?003 6:13 am Subject: Re: doorknobbing? ozblueriver thanks for the info Deb. You just described what I tend to do on a regular basis. If there are meadows with flowers behind the target I'm a goner. Cheers Liz #?551 From: "debra woodrow" Date: Sun Mar 9, ?003 10:10 am Subject: RE: doorknobbing? msfxsts Liz, (List members please feel free to add to or clarify anything I offer here? ) Doorknobbing is the term used to designate a phenomenon that often happens during practice sessions with beginners (and sometimes more experienced viewers? ) where the viewer is drawn to the "shiny doorknob" present in a target rather than getting the essence, or gestalt, of the target. If part of a target is found to be interesting to the subconscious mind of the viewer, the viewer's subconscious may focus on that part exclusively and ignore or miss the major aspects of the remainder of the target site. One possible example of this would be a structure target near an amusement park. The viewers will tend to gravitate to the noise and excitement of the amusement park rather than focus on the nearby structure, which is the actual target. Feel free to PEM me if you have any additional questions, Kind regards, Deb Debra R. Woodrow

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