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From: "Scott" Date: Wed Feb 18, ?004 5:07 pm Subject: dowsing reliability scottrver Who knows about dowsing? Is it reliable at all? Do answers change if you ask the same question repeatedly? Does it work if you're frontloaded by knowing the question? I played around with it a little last weekend after reading that it could be used to ask questions of the subconscious and found it pretty entertaining. The psychologist wrote it's useful for learning about what your subconscious thinks, but not for psychic enterprises such as gambling. It would seem that people who do map dowsing would necessarily be frontloaded, but that to use it as an ARV substitute, you'd want to be blind to the question - any comments? The part I found most interesting was that the pendulum did in fact seem to move without conscious control. Also, it did move consistently and accurately yes or no when control questions were asked. While it seems to be controlled entirely by the subconscious, I presume that conscious thought would influence it. If there's anything to dowsing, it certainly would be quicker and easier to do a much higher number of trials than with ARV. Scott


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Wed Feb 18, ?004 10:40 pm Subject: Re: dowsing reliability docsavagebill Hi Scott, Above URL is a reference to "A letter to Robin" by Walt Woods. The "RV manual" of dowsing. And it's free. Many of the military RVers use dowsing as a supplement to RV, especially for locating places. I was at a class where Lyn taught a method he prefered for Associated Dowsing. But dowsing has it's own set of problems. I think when done correctly it tunes into the same source of psi info as RV or ARV. When leanring dowsing Rob Abbott (an excellent dowser? ) reccommends you do 100's of practice repetitions.. and always tune your devise ( pendulum, rod, or hands? ) with some practice questions before going. "Is my Name X" "is the date X". Don't start on serious applications until you get the correct answer to your practice questions. Best Regards, Bill


From: "Sharon Webb" Date: Wed Feb 18, ?004 9:31 pm Subject: Re: dowsing reliability sharwebb_3051? Scott, I believe that pendulum dowsing works, and works well. Since I am not a classic RVer, it doesn't matter one whit to me whether I'm front loaded or not, or what methods I use. What works, works. :-? ) Try this URL: It's one of the best introductions to dowsing out there. Dowsing is not limited to simple yes and no questions as many believe. The pendulum can be quite versatile. It can also be surprising at times. Sharon sharwebb...t

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