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From: Barbara Baumgardner Date: Mon May 1?, ?003 10:14 am Subject: Re: Re:dream conference in June /San Francisco threebears4u Hi Fortune,Thanks for that Fortune. t sounds very interesting, but I sure would like to see more on the East Coast for us Easterners hahaha. Hey is Dale into telepathy? Best Regards,Barbara


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Mon May 1?, ?003 5:44 pm Subject: Re: Re:dream conference in June /San Francisco docsavagebill HI FORTUNE I'm finally getting some information out of my dream time. I had the Elf Dream, the Hawk dream, and now the Ghost dream.. all in the last few months. BTW I've tried targeting RV during dreams and it works for me..but really no better than say an Alpha-RV session for me. But on the other hand getting personalized information that means something personally and sometimes witih precog information does seem to occur as it did in the Elf and Hawk dreams. Bill

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