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From: "pjgaenir" Date: Wed Jan 14, ?004 8:43 pm Subject: Dreaming When People Die pjgaenir This is an edited crosspost from TKR as I thought some folks here might be interested in the topic. Through my younger life, probably the only kind of psi that I heard about in any matter of fact way, was people who would dream of a relative dying just as it happened, or exactly ?4 hours or 3 days before it happened, or things like that. When I was 9 and my mother died, I had a long dream where we talked of many things and she explained her leaving. When I awoke, it was 'in the back of my head'--an accepted thing and yet not fully conscious as far as my actively thinking about it. My father didn't tell me about it until late the next night; I wasn't surprised. I cried more because he did than for myself. My stepmother, who otherwise dismisses all forms of psi as total hogwash, insists that she dreamed her grandmother died when young, and told her friend about it, and hours later her mother got a call that it had happened--at the time she had dreamed it. In 1995 after moving around a bit, I had a solid month of nightly dreams about my older brother. I didn't know how to get in touch with him. They all seemed to be centered around his love for me and our relationship and resolving little things we'd shared in childhood. Finally I told my roommate, "I've dreamed about my brother nearly every night for a month. I think something is definitely up with him." The next morning my cousin called me, saying just over a month previous, my brother had been looking everywhere for me, had called everybody trying to find me, but nobody knew how to contact me. He had committed suicide shortly after--a month prior.... since I'd been dreaming about him I guess. Just over a month ago, one of my father's best friends in the world, that he's known for probably 40 years, had a heart attack and died. He lived in another state and dad hadn't talked with him in awhile and man, he was just really broken up about it. I felt so badly for him. About 10 days ago, I had this dream, that another of his old friends, a man who'd been a little bit of a father figure to him and who he really cared about, died. I called him and asked him when he talked to the guy last. He said, it'd been nearly a year, he'd sent him some things in the mail but not heard back from him. I told him I had a dream that the guy died, and to please call him. I asked a couple days later, did you call? And he said well I tried, but I got no answer. Dad, I insisted, listen, I know it's just a dream, but I really feel there's something to this. You need to call him, you need to talk to him. Please, for ME, just humor me, make it first priority. He says yeah, I'll call him tonight. That was last week. The guy died Monday, a couple days ago. Had a stroke. Dad just told me today. Here's the funny thing, he remembered talking to me about him dying, but he thought he had told me about it. I reminded him we haven't talked since last week, that I'd dreamed it, and that's why we'd talked, and then he remembered. I told him how sorry I was about it, but that I was glad I had pushed him to contact the fellow, and so glad he got to make contact with him when he did. Dad says--he is terrified of anything related to psi or stuff he considers spooky--"Yeah, your mentioning him must have sparked some idea in me to give him a call. Lucky timing." In the space of 3 seconds since my reminding him of our talk, he had AGAIN forgotten, or instantly rewritten the history in his head. He just can't deal with the idea that anybody could know such a thing. That's not allowed in his reality. I don't mind, I won't remind him again. It just struck me as interesting and a little funny to see that dynamic acted out so obviously right in front of me. But I'm glad dad got to talk to him. It would have been hell for him not to have that closure on two such close friends, so close together, especially when he's not a man that gets close to many. I think it was my compassion for dad and his buddy Sam dying, that made me attuned to Lucky's impending fate (the day the name failed to serve, I suppose you could say? ). I consider this an instance of spontaneous psi working pretty well. PJ


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Wed Jan 14, ?004 9:?8 pm Subject: Re: Dreaming When People Die docsavagebill Hi Palyne, A little sad but very interesting. Thanks for sharing PJ..G. Re your dad's resistance to psi. If he suddenly changes his mind and embraces your had better see him right away. My dad was the same way, but one week before he died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack, he changed 100%, calling me to say that evertything I believed WAS TRUE. He told me to please come and visit that weekend..but alass I had too much work to do. I sure would have liked to ask him why he changed his mind. Best Wishes, Bill


From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Wed Jan 14, ?004 10:1? pm Subject: Re: Dreaming When People Die ozblueriver Hi PJ, that's terrific. It's one thing to get psi related stuff, but to be able to use it for a practical benefit is so wonderful. You must be feeling elated even if it's somewhat dampened by sad circumstances. Well done! cheers Liz


From: David Date: Wed Jan 14, ?004 9:57 pm Subject: Re: Dreaming When People Die a_healey56 PJ, Maybe you're an unknowing mortal accomplice of the Grim Reaper. I'll RV the situation and let you know for sure. ;-? ) David ----------------- LOL. How are you Dave? Been awhile. That is the first time I have not only dreamed something I *knew* was in 'this reality' (sometimes I've suspected, but never 'known'? ). It's also the first time I was able to do something--no matter how small--to improve or mitigate a coming circumstance, something picked up via psi (even if spontanous sort? ). That alone makes it a sort of milestone in some inexplicable way. PJ

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