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Date: Sat Nov 9, ?00? 8:44 pm Subject: Dreams and Things. dennanm I've been having rather odd dreams lately. Some are much more vivid than usual. Some are just much more strange. I had three odd dreams just recently. Not a big deal to anybody but me I imagine, but this is MY 'experiential' life, lol. ----------- In one, I was living in the future, and oddly, knew that I was living in the future -- I mean part of my mind was half-aware I was dreaming, while the other part seemed to be the part actually doing the living. I lived around this same region of Oklahoma. (Now that seems unlikely, I can't imagine staying here for eons, but who knows!? ) The whole world was preparing rapidly in a way that reminded me an awful lot of Y?K, and concerns and intense study for a lot of survival oriented stuff, but this was everybody. And it wasn't a huge panic like Y?K with some impending deadline -- the deadline had already passed but it was a gradual thing, the need for such skills. I was sincerely concerned in the dream that a war which had threatened to break out between Texas and Oklahoma would finally happen. Mostly I was just preparing for people coming south. Everybody was coming south. I mean like the entire continent was migrating out of Canada and GL and upper regions and toward the south. "Light" was a real problem, but I am not sure what that means, I just knew that as the person in the dream. Much of the country didn't have power and the qty of that was increasing. This was most of why people were coming south, was the light and power issues. The reason TX and OK had been having major armed border skirmishes was because most the continent wanted to get to TX -- as far south as they could, essentially. TX was totally overwhelmed, and had closed their borders, and were fighting on all sides to keep them closed. But the states on all sides, in particular OK of all places, the immigrant issue was backing up insanely with the people trying to get to TX and getting stuck here in OK, hence the constant friction. OK had a LOT of people (quite unlike now? ). That's all, I woke up then. It's just a dream, but it had the oddest feeling to it, that even IN the dream I sort of believed I was dreaming me in the future. (Whether me-me or another aspect of me, I don't know.? ) ----------- In another dream recently, I was actually dreaming along quite well, with the Narrator (an aspect of self that seems to know everything about self, and sounds vaguely like Seth? ) dictating (or narrating? ) to me. He was explaining something when suddenly another part of me went, "WAKE UP! Wake up and write that last line down! That's important!" I tried to wake up, but I was soundly asleep, and it took several minutes to finally get awake enough to think and get my notebook and halfway write. I lost three "pieces" of the sentence weirdly, as if the whole thing were like ascii data and a few pieces got dropped or corrupted in the transfer. He was very insistent, and he'd said, "[___] *IS* part of [___]! Look at the back of [___] head and explain." I felt the last one was just 'the' and meant 'one's own', but that little piece of data was just 'missing' from the sentence memory by the time I could write it down. As soon as I wrote it down I was thinking about it, remembering first a 'photo reading' technique that imagines an orange or tangerine on the top of your head and imagines pulling up and just slightly back and reading 'from slightly above and behind yourself' so to speak. This was said to have some effect on the brain, dunno what. The comment from the narrator reminded me of this except my sense was clearly of the back, right in the middle of the back, not near the top. Then I remembered various techniques some christian-mystics (I mean the aggressive white-magic hands-on healing sorts, not the quasi-buddhist Steiner sorts :-? )? ) told me about so many years ago I can't even remember them, but a number of them involved actually focusing through or from behind a part of the body. I wondered if, in the right state of target contact, attempting this perception exercise would help. Worth a try. If I can ever get there without 1page/10 minute sessions or interruptions... ----------- The last one I am curious about. Eons ago in my Bewilderness days (daze?!? ) I often got numbers as answers and info. This is immensely annoying since this means nothing to me, but the info itself -- which is almost part of the number's core energy somehow -- does not seem to think that any other type of 'label' in my language could begin to describe what it is trying to convey. So, it's a mostly useless conversation, with dreams and visions that pop in numbers, and my conscious mind would go "I have NO idea what that means" and that would be that. So much for omniscience eh. ;-? ) Well I am starting a new small personal venture soon, and met this person J as part of it. I had this really intense dream where the narrator said VERY clearly to me, "GO THROUGH 17 BEFORE 18." And then I was just in a 'thereness' thinking, "Huh? What would either of those mean?!" I knew it was a clear message. I just didn't understand it. Then I found myself in this corridor, and there was a door, and I looked at it said "18" on it, like a hotel or apartment. And I considered knocking, but as I raised my hand to do so, it opened slowly on its own. Inside was J, large and dressed up (I've never met him? ) and I looked at him and felt such IMMENSE mutual love it was almost staggering. Warm like ... like christ or something, really amazing. Must have been some kind of heart chakra overload bleeding into my dreams perhaps, LOL -- I have had a few dreams with stuff like that before but they have always been of people I know and love most deeply, and I don't know this guy at all. Anyway, so I was thinking to myself, "I wonder if 18 represents him? Or a relationship with him? Or something he is involved in?" Then I found myself sitting at a restaurant table, which was against a wall (the wall on my right? ), facing J. I told him of this amazing dream I'd had, and the message, GO THROUGH 17 BEFORE 18. He agreed that was somewhat amazing. I didn't tell him that I thought he had some connection to 18. Then this other person we both know (in fact our only mutual acquaintance? ) showed up and sat to the side of the table. We jointly told her about this message in the dream of GO THROUGH 17 BEFORE 18. As we finished telling her this, I consciously realized, "I have gotten this message THREE TIMES in a dream. This is really important." I haven't a freakin' clue what it means! My project begins in just a few days though. As I was wondering what 17 might represent, I got an email from a friend I'd told about this asking me, "You just started this "November Haiku" thing on your list. Did you notice that Haikus have exactly 17 syllables? Could that relate in some way?" I don't know. Is the message to put off the venture until after the month of November? Or is it something cosmic and personal? Or...?! ------------------- PJ pjrv : Messages : 1?10-1?10 of 4038
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From: Karl Boyken

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