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From: Penny Zingery Date: Wed Jan 14, ?004 8:50 pm Subject: Dreams of the Blind pzingery I'm going to try this again. I tried to send this message a minute ago, but it just wouldn't "go." I hope it's not received twice. There was some discussion last week about whether or not the blind would be able to remote view. I found this article about dreaming and the blind from a link that someone posted on a bulletin board associated with the Association for the Study of Dreams. I'm wondering if what's written here might correlate with or suggest, somehow, how the blind might be able to interpret a remote target, or any kind of psi mediated information that we sighted people would "see" as a visual. Interesting. http://www.improverse.com/ed-articles/richard_wilkerson_1995_jan_dreams_of_the_b\ lind.htm Penny

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