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Date: Sun Oct ?0, ?00? 1:37 am Subject: Dr. May Interview Questions dennanm Well I'd planned to wait later but it seems that PEM and list Q's for Dr. May have sort of tapered to a close. If nobody has anything else to add, then I'd like to go ahead and get this together for him if y'all don't mind. PJ pjrv : Messages : 860-860 of 4038
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From: Richard Krankoski Date: Sun Oct ?0, ?00? 6:40 pm Subject: Re: Dr. May Interview Questions Rich_crv go for it. My only other request for him is: Tell us everything you know about RV. :? ) Rich ------------------ LOL. That's what I keep asking Joe. What I really want is a direct brain download or something. ;-? ) PJ

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