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#?8? From: Timelord?0?9... Date: Tue Jul 30, ?00? 9:05 am Subject: Re: Re: dropping the pen (completely? ) psitrooper?4 Hmmm I never drop my pen i hasten to add ;-? ) However.. i was thinking the other day after getting pains in my wrist why use a pen at all ??? Would it not be better and easier to just declare ones descriptions in a cassette tape or other recordable device as opposed to scribling down data at a frantic pace ? That way you can get twice as much data and keep a steady flow of incoming descriptors going without having to tire or finish sessions before youve even started. Paper would still be required i guess for things such as ideogrames and er those brief ' moments of clarity' but what do other RV'ers think ? Peace, tunde #?83 From: "Docrose_??"

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