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#?86 From: joan003....net Date: Tue Jul 30, ?00? ?:05 pm Subject: Re: Re: dropping the pen/paper - question for Lyn joanie003 Dear Lyn, Hi there! Since Tunde brought up the subject of paper, I feel I need to ask a question that's been on my mind...that I almost feel embarassed to ask, but here goes. I am concerned about paper conservation which is why I ask... Is it okay to write one's session on both sides of the sheets of paper..or is it preferred to use a new sheet for each new page? Feeling totally doh...but I've never seen anyone use two sides of the paper and have wondered why. Thanks!!! Joanie pjrv : Messages : ?77-?95 of 4038
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#?77 From: Lyn Buchanan Date: Mon Jul ?9, ?00? ?:50 pm Subject: Re: dropping the pen lynbuchanan?000 At 11:00 PM 7/?8/?00? +0000, Eva wrote: >As far as aols themselves, when I trained with LYn, >he seemed to teach more that the aols are simply declared, but not an >official 'break' in the same way as other breaks. Lyn also does not >do the pencil setting down thing. Right. I was sitting with Ingo at the IRVA conference and we got to talking about a comparison of CRV with church dogma, in that there are many times when protocol (action for the purpose of achieving something? ) becomes ritual (action for the purpose of doing the action? ). I told him how people are now teaching the laying down of the pencil, and that for many people, it has become simply a ritual part of declaring the AOL, and nothing more. Ingo shook his head and said, "Don't they realize that the action isn't important? Taking a break in the mind is what it is all about. If they lay the pen down and don't mentally take a break, then it means nothing." I watch people who write the AOL, then in one smooth and practiced move, drop the pen, pick it up again immediately, and continue on with the AOL. You can see like a neon sign that no break from the AOL has taken place at all. The weekly ritual of staying awake through a sermon and singing a hymn doesn't do anything towards saving your soul, but churches around the world are filled with people who believe that following that ritual will get you to Heaven. Dropping your pen and picking it up again doesn't do anything at all for breaking your mind away from the AOL, but there are remote viewers everywhere who believe that following that ritual will get them to the target. It won't. In and of itself, it won't do any good at all. God is not to be found in any ritual, and neither is the target. Lyn Buchanan, Problems Solutions Innovations 37 Camino Ranchitos, Alamogordo, NM 88310 Ph: 505-437-8?85 Web site: http://www.crviewer.com
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~~--------ArchivedPostFollows_Yahoo-PJRV_group------------------------------------ The ultimate oxymoron: "Holy War"
~~--------ArchivedPostFollows_Yahoo-PJRV_group------------------------------------ #?95 From: "k9caninek9" Date: Tue Jul 30, ?00? 9:35 pm Subject: Re: dropping the pen k9caninek9 What seems to work for me for AOLS is if I can teach my mind to just not think about it after I write it. I don't want to think it might be right and I don't want to think it might be wrong. It's sort of like if you are cleaning out the closet and you grab something that you don't know if you want to keep or not. An easy solution is to set the thing to the side and decide on it later. Right after you set it aside, then you turn your mind to the next thing in the closet and forget about the set aside. (and if course not thinking about the setaside is definitely the hard part? ) Later when the closet has been gone through, then you go back to the set asides and make a final decision on them (ie the summary? ). As for the pencil dropping thing, I have no strong opinions on it. I think the most impt thing is that the mind set is correct. However, I have seen the usefulness of ritual movements in other areas. For instance, just the ritual of prepping the work area and writing out the session header is a ritual that can help jump start a good mental state for doing the session. Who is to say that the pencil dropping ritual if consistantly combined with an attempt at the correct mindset for an aol break might not serve to form a synergy that would eventually help to enhance and strengthen the correct mindset. But of course, this would only work if both the mindset AND the physical ritual were taught and practiced. As for the fact that students will tend to pencil drop in an automatic and unconscious way does not preclude the action having an effect on either the consiousness or the unconscious mind of the student. Such subtle and unconscious cues have been used in advertising and many other fields precisely because they can have an effect on people even if no obvious conscious meaning seems to be attached to them. (Hi Lyn, I have been over stepping on toes on the HRVG board so I figure now it's your turn! ;-P -E

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