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Date: Thu Feb 1?, ?004 1?:38 pm Subject: (Fwd? ) eight martini nights pjgaenir I just realized this was in my inbox, got sent to me instead of the group. Sorry for the delay Lee. - PJ ------- Forwarded message follows ------- Hi PJ and everyone, My name is Lee. About ? 1/? years ago, I began again having psychic experiences that melted the underpinings of my belief systems, and dramatically changed my psychological models of the universe. I had also experienced them when I was young, but left them behind. My background in science and research led me to believe that I had violated physical laws in some way, with my refreshed and more profound experiences. Testing my psychic abilities only confirmed the breech in my belief systems. Since then my obsessive and desparate pursuit has given way to a more mature and long-term tenacity. I have pursued more direct experience of psi since that time, and have very slowly come to terms with the mind-wrenching dichotomy of spiritual and physical beliefs that psi has redefined for me. Throught this series of crises, I have grown tremendously, and thankfully managed to avoid emotional catastrophe. I am very humbled and grateful to find such a group, and hope to build new and important relationships, in the process of learning and helping others learn. Best wishes to you all, Lee

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