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Date: Sat Oct 1?, ?00? 8:56 pm Subject: Feedback? dennanm Joe and I would like to hear whatever feedback you guys have got about the three interviews I posted the link to this morning. It was a lot of work, as you see, I can't believe he agreed to answer THAT many questions (though it did take a long time!? ), and some in some depth. PJ


From: richard braswell Date: Sun Oct 13, ?00? 4:?8 am Subject: Re: Feedback? rvrichrb Hi PJ and Joe, I stayed up until ?:15AM reading the whole thing. I just couldn't put it down. I am also amazed at how much time and effort Joe invested in answering the questions. I agree with you, PJ. Thank God for Joe. His is a seldom heard and honest perspective. A necessary help. Without his presence here, in his books, and in the media (especially performing sessions on TV? ), I wouldn't know what the hell to believe. We're light-years ahead of where we would have been without him. I especially enjoyed his views on RV 'methodologies' and 'self'. I'll have to go back over it several times. It's a lot to absorb but at least there IS something like this TO absorb. Very eye-opening. Thank you very much Joe and P.J. Rich Braswell


From: "Pame" #801
From: "Sharon Webb" Date: Sun Oct 13, ?00? 1:?7 pm Subject: Re: Feedback? sharwebb_3051? Hi, I really enjoyed reading the interviews. I've just finished Joe's latest book, so the part about being freaked at the false awakenings, really took on a lot of meaning for me. In fact, so much so, that I awoke this morning (in what reality, I'm not sure :-? ) with a "knowing." And it's one that I'm not sure I'm quite comfortable with. Sharon sharwebb...t


Date: Sun Oct 13, ?00? 3:?9 pm Subject: Re: Feedback? a_healey56 PJ, I must have missed something. Where do we go to read the interviews with Joe? Dave -------------------- Hi Dave, Go here: There is an intro and links to the three interviews. PJ


From: Ken Burns Date: Tue Oct 15, ?00? 1?:1? am Subject: Re: Feedback? mesundo Hi PJ, I just finished reading the interviews and want to thank you and Joe for all the time and effort that went into it. They were really interesting and informative. Ken


From: "Viv*" Date: Sat Oct 1?, ?00? 10:50 pm Subject: Re: Feedback? eclecticviv PJ: I want more then anything to read the interviews, but my adobe isn't opening it up. I even did an update and still am having a problem. I'll poke around some more and see if I can get it to do it's PDF thing. Viv*


From: "scottrver" Date: Sun Oct 13, ?00? 11:40 am Subject: Re: Feedback? scottrver Wow, there's some great stuff. Thank you Joe and PJ! In general it of course raises more questions. Improving over time: Joe said his reliability has improved but not his accuracy. Does he mean that his hit rate has improved? Psychology of psi: So does this mean that effecting one's psychology is the best method of increasing psi? Is this possible? You would think that doing enough RV to KNOW that it's real and always available would support this but then wouldn't you expect more RV performance improvement over time? Dowsing: This is a subject I'm more and more interested in as I am finding some application for it. Joe describes it in Remote Viewing Secrets to some extent. But is it desirable to be in a meditative type state when doing it and are there any other methodological aspects not described in RVS? Thanks again, Scott


From: richard coulombe Date: Sun Oct 13, ?00? 7:16 pm Subject: Re: Feedback? rcoulombe3? Dear Pj: Iloved The interview with Joe McMoneagle it was great! Thank you very much I'm sure glad I have a place where people understand me and I understand Them. Rich C


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Wed Oct 16, ?00? 1:35 am Subject: Re: Feedback? Joe Intreview docsavagebill Hi PJ, I'm glad you said that. First tremendous thanks to both of you for producing the interview! It's the first time I've heard Joes opinions on this in depth.. and it is yet a different voice from Paul, Lyn, Morehouse, Glen,Skip, Targ etc Trying to put these experiences and inner interpretations togeather is truly like trying to understand the proverbial different parts of the feel...And Joes portion of the elephant has been sorely missed. TIME AND ARV. Joe says "ARV should not be a problem since there is no time..." and yet for many good RVers it is a problem. Joe has done countless sessions with decoy targets even when no " time" element is present.and also as ARV targets across "future time". my question is: Is there ANY DIFFERENCE in the results? Or is the problem for many RVers doing ARV, just having decoy targets..? If so why does a small target pool help.. and doesn't this small group get reiterative after many ARV sessions? TIME#?. ..."Time does not exist.." now reading a book by a physicsist posing the same hypothesis ( End of Time? ). But what makes us feel like we are experiencing a flow of time..and are born age and die? Why is there such a consensus in this? SPOT IN BRAIN THAT CONTROLS PSI PERCEPTIONS: Recently stimulation of the Right angular Gyrus ( above and just to the back of the right ear? ) has been proposed to trigger OBE's. Is this the place in the brain you intuitigted? Finally, did you ever get a chance to live with your son from your first marriage? Best Regards, Bill -------------------------- Moderator's note: Bill, this would take a whole 'nuther interview! I don't think I can get any more questions out of him for the moment. He put a lot of work into the ones we had. However, some of these could probably be posed to Dr. May. -- PJ


From: "scottrver" Date: Wed Oct 16, ?00? 9:53 am Subject: Re: Feedback? Joe Intreview scottrver Hi Bill > If so why does a small target pool help.. and > doesn't this small group get reiterative after many > ARV sessions? There's a paper on target pool bandwidth at from CSL. Of course, what do you consider a small target pool? I've had the discussion about re-using targets with James Spottiswoode and he said it's not a problem. That's been my experience too. Usually on the second time around you'll get different aspects of the target. Scott


Date: Wed Oct 16, ?00? 10:45 am Subject: Repeating targets dennanm Hi Bill, > > If so why does a small target pool help.. and > > doesn't this small group get reiterative after many > > ARV sessions? The issue with repeating targets is not some obscure cosmic issues with the targets themselves. A viewer will worst-case have a new session and best-case actually recognize the target from a previous session... repeating targets, regardless of numbers or cues or tasking, is a non-issue. I think a lot of the weird stuff I sometimes see from people about tasking numbers or so forth (like that using what was used for another target will be a problem, or that the same target with diff #s will be a problem? ) is because they just haven't grokked yet that they are responsible for the psychic connection (or lack? ) with the target (or decoy? ). It is INTENT that creates the 'association' between the viewer and the target. Numbers as just one example, are really juse useful for databasing the effort. The main issue of repeating targets is just based on the viewer. If a pool, esp. an ARV pool, is always the SAME pool for each target, well the moment a viewer starts AOLing on what the target 'might' be, you're in trouble. In formal ARV the target pool is 3. Binary with 'other'. I know a lot of other bright ideas have come about and now people want to assign like, ?6 targets depending on the first letter, or 7 targets depending on the day of the week, etc. but that is NOT part of the original ARV protocol, which had 3 options, the targets were primary gestalt type targets, and the viewers were established viewers. Any targets not used for the target-decoy set in an ARV trial, I would not put in a group and call a target pool. I would choose 3 from the hard drive and call the three the 'pool'. But that is just a semantics/intent/focus thing. Might not matter to others. PJ


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Wed Oct 16, ?00? 5:57 pm Subject: Re: Repeating targets docsavagebill Hi PJ, Oh OK.. that kind of pool. I thought you were talking about the total pool from which the binary or trinary picks were chosen? Best Regards Bill -------------------- Moderator's note: The problem in psi is that targets in all their details are dominantly 'connected' by INTENT. There's quite a bit of evidence that if the viewer and/or others even THINKS of a group of photos as being in 'one pool' from which a photo(s? ) is pulled, that a great deal more 'bleed-through' occurs between that and other targets in the same pool, as if they energetically blend in some way. I suspect this may be one reason ARV runs into displacement, is the pool concept. Joe says to just avoid calling or thinking of something as a pool if possible, and if you must, then make it as small and last minute as possible, and no matter what, make sure the viewer focuses VERY clearly on the ONE target-which-is-the-target as distinct from everything else in the world. PJ


From: "Mary Ashley" Date: Thu Oct 17, ?00? ?:41 pm Subject: Re: Feedback? Joe Intreview maryladyoflight Hi PJ, Thank you sooooo much for the interview with Joe. Please pass on our gratitude.:? ) It made for fascinating reading.. You hit gold, girl. :? ) MaryA --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( ). Version: 6.0.401 / Virus Database: ??6 - Release Date: 10/10/?00? [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]


From: "Kyriakos" Date: Sun Oct ?0, ?00? 11:50 am Subject: RE: Feedback? n0mind Hi PJ, I just got back from a trip, and have a lot of CRV email to catch up on...I just came across the interview and have saved it and will print it out to read. Thanks for all your work and setting this up. And of course a BIG thanks to Joe who took the time to answer all these great questions. I am off to make a coffee and read....... Kyriakos

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