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Date: Sat Oct 1?, ?00? 3:?5 pm Subject: Finally! McMoneagle Interview dennanm OK, so it took like forever. Wasn't my fault, I swear. :-? ) There were so MANY questions, obviously I had to be laid back about the time issue... the 'interview' with Joe was so long I actually made it into THREE interviews. I added a couple questions that came in late that he agreed to, and I added some personal Q&A he agreed to as well. These are ALL good interviews, though I suspect #? is the one viewers might like best. Please DO NOT POST THIS OUTSIDE THIS GROUP YET. This is private. This link is not linked from firedocs yet -- it is just for RV Oasis members to get a sneak peek, before I make the interview public. The three links are on this page: http://www.firedocs.com/remoteviewing/pjrv_interviews.cfm The interviews are posted in PDF format fyi. (Which can't be copied from but can be printed.? ) PJ


From: "smitty97006" Date: Sat Oct 1?, ?00? 10:33 pm Subject: Re: Finally! McMoneagle Interview smitty97006 Hello PJ, I really and I mean REALLY appreciate the interviews with Joe McMoneagle. Just the typing involved I'm sure took a substainal amount of time and attention. In any event I just wanted to say thank you. Sincerely, Gene Smith pjrv : Messages : 795-795 of 4038
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From: Timelord?0?9... Date: Sun Oct 13, ?00? 1:33 am Subject: Re: Job well done! psitrooper?4 Hi Pj I stayed up all night reading most of those (just got up? ) It was a brilliant interview I Thought some of the questions were good and joe answered them perfectly. Thanks for putting the time and effort into organising the whole show and send my thanks to joe for answering them. He seems like the only Mill RVer capable of being so open, honest and aproachable when questions are put his way. Loved it. Peace, Tunde pjrv : Messages : 797-797 of 4038
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From: SValkyre... Date: Sun Oct 13, ?00? 3:56 am Subject: Re: Finally! McMoneagle Interview svalkyre WOW! Thanks so much for the incredibly open and sensitive interview. I am fascinated. I will be reading it for days, I can tell, but the first overview is just Great. It is really a special privilege to hear someone who has worked at psi and RV most of his life say things that I personally have found to be true -- that we are not our bodies, that there is no such thing as a real world, that somehow we must gain the use of our natural psi abilities and are more apt to find our abilities magnified through coping with an abusive or difficult childhood. I really love it. Thanks, Denise Silver Valkyre May we all have light sufficient for our path, and may some light the path for others. pjrv : Messages : 799-799 of 4038
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From: Stanley Date: Sun Oct 13, ?00? 1:19 pm Subject: Re: Digest Number 83 stanley014?0 I thought the interviews were extremely forthcoming and compelling. I always wondered why people want to do rv. It can be tough.. like working in a hospital. Always seeing the tough side of what people go through. I read the articles looking for the reason why Joe got into this field in the first place and what kept him going in it. I think I've got a better understanding of that now. Mary

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