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From: "Lady Myst" Date: Fri May 16, ?003 ?:?5 pm Subject: Finding sources ravenmoon080? I enjoyed Psi Techs site and don't want to pay $600.00 dollars for the coursework. For a company to want to get this into the hands of the average joe or joette, they do want a pretty good clip of your money for 6-8 videos. I think they are worth it, but just can't lay out that cash right now. I am concidering doing the 99.00 per month thing though. Is there any other source out there for used stuff, that people might want to sell for a discount? Also, from Psi's way of telling it, I feel I will have an even easier time of RV as I do not go OBE but actually more like access information much like they share, though not to the degree shown in live tests. Or I might say, I don't really go looking for stuff like helicopter crashes so I haven't even tried that sort of thing. I am interested in learning the how to stage, set up etc to download as an RV person. Any suggestions? What sources are there in Florida for students? I would like to work with some who are more advanced than myself and see where things go in training. Thanks, Christina Don't click this link unless you wanna get bitten ! Ever notice how many people like you if they think you make them think, but how many people hate you if you actually make them think? ---------------------- Moderator's note: Considering Jack Turner told me he paid out of pocket for the first video's creation (at least 10K? ) for the altruistic cause of making them available to the world, that IS quite a profit. :-? ) PJ

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The RV Oasis / PJRV Discussion List Archives

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