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From: "debussy08" Date: Fri Aug ?, ?00? 5:08 pm Subject: First post - Effect of feedback on RV quality debussy08 this is my first post, i just joined this group. thanks to PJ for organizing this and providing a great web site. a question: does anyone know of a study breaking down successful RV sessions into those which included feedback and those which didn't? i speculated that RV might work by allowing a peek into one's own future and viewing the "feedback". but i've seen various sources (one of russell targ's books, mcmoneagle's "ultimate time machine", and some others? ) that successful RVings have been performed without feedback (or in some cases where the RVer passed away before feedback was even available? ). my current understanding is that feedback is not necessary for RV, but does strenghten the quality when (and the sooner? ) it's given. cheers, behfar Mountain View, CA (interested in getting together with anyone who wants to talk/do RV in the San Fran bay area? )

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