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From: joan003....net Date: Sun Jul ?1, ?00? 10:17 pm Subject: Forcing Data joanie003 Hi Jay and All, << Palyne mentioned she was a type "A" personality in this post. I am most definitely type "A" myself. What I would like to ask the list is: Is there any RV'ers out there that do not consider themselves type "A"? >> I'm definitely a type B personality, laid back, let be and let "God" - that's not to say that I don't apply myself to getting things done..because I do that too. <> I think there CAN be some perspiration factor....but perhaps more tedium factor and grunt work, especially for CRV anyway. Filing, managing, organizing, etc...it's a lot of paperwork to keep managed. Perspiration comes in when you fall behind on that and can't find what you're looking for and/or the housework doesn't get done. (when unconscious latent "type A" stresses kick in :-? )? ) In actually "doing" a session, you have to at least will yourself to get the session going...and if you're working without a monitor you have to play the role of self-monitoring as well as being the viewer. That's a bit of back and forth. I consider the monitor role the Yang, the viewer role the Yin... I don't think you can force it either...the idea for me is more like what PJ prior expressed about her "meds" or what I call journeys... and my interpretation of this as far as my process goes is you kind of give it a nudge..keep pushing it...the questions and what the resulting "imagination" ( I know a "no no" word often in rv...? )..but you push it a bit and the LET BE what comes forth. So you're not just making it up...it's rather "coming to your consciousness." or so it seems...who knows what's really going on? :-? )? ) In the Spirit, Joanie

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