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#?611 From: Karl Boyken Date: Tue Mar 11, ?003 3:49 pm Subject: Re: funny chicken bokindstrand No, he was never trained at the Monroe Institute to my knowledge. McMoneagle was the only viewer exclusively trained in the ERV method at the Monroe Institute. The box is an item that was included and integrated in the ERV structure most probably at the Monroe Institute. Bo > Karl wrote: > Did Dave Morehouse go to the Monroe Institute > when he was being trained for RV? -------------------------- Moderator's note: Until recently, when Skip Atwater (research director of The Monroe Institute? ) began hosting a TMI "RV" week, TMI was not "teaching remote viewing" to my knowledge; the Gateway program that some of the SG program's persons were sent to, is specific to hemi-sync(tm? ) technology, and while it generally is known for 'out of body experiences', I think it's more accurate to say it focuses on helping people realize they are -- and then experiment with being -- "more than their physical body". But, it was thought that experience though different might facilite RV. And later of course, McMoneagle ended up working with Monroe to try and do RV in an out-of-body state. Anyway the point is, the box was part of the process used in the Gateway type programs, but nobody was 'trained in ERV' at the institute. ERV is an acronym applied after-the-fact to 'whatever Joe was doing and/or what CRV was not' - and from there, had a few variants added but latter-day unit members. -- PJ

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