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From: Karl Boyken Date: Sun Jun ?9, ?003 11:11 am Subject: Re: Further thoughts on DAT and healing kboyken Yeah, that's it, in one sentence. Heh! I do healing because I do feel it has some effect on people, because it feels "right" in some way, because it heals me, too, I feel. Because something is steering me that way, much to my surprise. I think that, even if someone did prove scientifically that DAT applies to healing and healers are simply choosing patients who are more likely to have good outcomes, I'd continue doing healing, anyway. It would probably be a big jolt to my whole reality system, a fork in the road. I'd have to turn my back to science, I think. Interesting--this whole issue is bringing up some good stuff for me to work on, personally. Thanks for helping me sort through some of it. Karl > I don't do healing stuff just because I want someone to be healed. -- Karl Boyken mailto:kboyken...t http://www.avalon.net/~kboyken pjrv : Messages : 3405-3448 of 4038
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From: Karl Boyken Date: Sat Jun ?8, ?003 ?:14 pm Subject: Further thoughts on DAT and healing kboyken As I think more about DAT and healing, it seems to me that if DAT does apply to healing, then I'd have to question the whole practice of healing. Western allopathic medicine has been able to change the rate of incidence of many disorders, even eliminating some diseases entirely. But DAT would seem to imply that that kind of success is impossible with distance healing. If DAT is applicable to healing, then healers cannot change the overall rate of occurrence of a disease, or the chances of a favorable outcome from a disease. If that is the case, then I'd have to ask myself, why even do it? If all I'm doing is reshaping the distribution of outcomes, or, maybe even worse, just associating my healing with favorable outcomes and rejecting unfavorable ones, then what good is it? -- Karl Boyken mailto:kboyken...t http://www.avalon.net/~kboyken ------------------------- So.... perhaps 'healers' only choose the patients who are already prone to get well? That could be, actually. I don't do healing stuff just because I want someone to be healed. Actually I don't do it with that intent anyway as I believe people are what they are for a reason. I do it because it's a way to share love, which is a warm fuzzy regardless of whether they're healed, and because I think of it like, they might accept more healing (allow it more? ) if they felt more secure and encouraged by me psychically, so I want to give them that, in case it helps. Also though, it is just very good practice. I've always been better at tuning into anybody for healing than for RV, for example, which is obviously some psychological issue on my part. PJ


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Mon Jun 30, ?003 3:30 pm Subject: Re: Further thoughts on DAT and healing docsavagebill Hi Karl, I don't really think that healing occurs by DAT. I think that it is usually just not very effective so is marginal statistically .. and has only that "statistical" simillarity to DAT..but is not the same. Energy healing that I have witnessed and in some cases done in Rob Abbots classes occurs far more frequently and takes place because of a direct action on the energy signature of the disease process. When you destroy the aura of a disease process you make it much easier for the body to repair.. This is hastned further by adding "intention" in the form of "thought form" concepts fitted into the flow of healing energy that is directed to the area to repair the area and destroy or remove malignant or bad cells. Bill


From: Karl Boyken Date: Wed Jul ?, ?003 9:0? am Subject: Re: Further thoughts on DAT and healing kboyken Hi, Bill. Yep, according to Schlitz's talk, anyway, there's no evidence yet that DAT is involved in healing. It just got me thinking about the implications if it were--it's apparently still an open question. Karl

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