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From: "PJ Gaenir" Date: Thu Dec 5, 2002 7:00 pm Subject: Haiku Contest Is Over! Now.... dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email I need several more people to help pick their idea of the best Haikus (you can't vote on your own but you can vote on others), I'll send you a doc with 'em all collected -- then I'll post the top 20 or 25 as polls here in pjrv and all the members can vote. If you want to help send me an email to pj....com and I'll respond with the Haiku collection. Winner gets an autographed copy of McMoneagle's latest book THE STARGATE CHRONICLES, and a hardbound professional laboratory notebook with REMOTE VIEWING imprinted on the cover, and some targets -- there are 2nd and 3rd prizes -- details are in the original announcement post and will be reiterated in the email that lists the winners. You guys did great -- there is a lot of really neat stuff in there! Judges, I will not set the criteria for what makes the best haiku -- it is entirely up to every individual to decide what they think best represents any aspect of Remote Viewing, viewing experience, the RV field, or anything else related. PJ

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