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From: "PJ Gaenir " Date: Mon Dec 16, 2002 6:22 am Subject: Haiku! Notes on the contest dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Hi you guys, Well there you have it! Three winners, a bunch of honorable mentions, and there are about 75 others as well -- which were great! - - but didn't make the top 25 in first-round voting. They will be on the Firedocs RV - RV Oasis Haiku page as well (coming soon), I'll post the link when it's up. I appreciate everybody's participation. It was cool, and fun, and creative, and god knows we can use all the humor in this subject we can get! This contest was a good example of how scoring can vary depending on (a) participation, and (b) voting system/analysis. Well, the ones that won, are really good! I am not fond of the yahoo polls options for this sort of thing though, so next contest, I will do something on the Firedocs RV website instead. For those greedy for details on such things, the detailed scoring for the first round judging is here: http://www.firedocs.com/remoteviewing/PJRV/Haiku1stScores-Nov02.pdf and the second round (polls) spreadsheet is here: http://www.firedocs.com/remoteviewing/PJRV/Haiku2ndScores-Nov02.pdf I have several other ideas for creative ventures but they're going to have to wait, probably until late Feb or Mar because from end of Dec to early Feb I am a nutcase with overwork-panic, as my primary income relates to an online university course and I do most of the work for it, so 'new terms' mean not only registration issues, but my print on demand business that goes with it (that's the mega-time issue), plus always new programming for new features and beta testing etc. Since the work is sporadic it's hard to find staff temporarily (as I work from my home, temp agencies won't rent people to me...) so usually I end up doing enough work for 3-5 people, barely sleeping, and by mid- Feb I crash. In case you notice me to be mildly psychotic during this upcoming period please understand. Rich Krankowski is a backup moderator of PJRV and I may have to plead for his help through January. :-) Regards, PJ pjrv : Messages : 1790-1790 of 4038
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From: Richard Krankoski Date: Mon Dec 16, 2002 10:21 pm Subject: Re: Haiku! Notes on the contest Rich_crv Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 > Rich Krankoski is a backup moderator of PJRV and I may have to plead for > his help through January. :-) gosh darn, I was going to take my world tour of underground bases in January. [Thats what I get for always mis-spelling Joe M's name. :) ] Rich

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