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From: "PJ Gaenir " Date: Mon Dec 16, 2002 6:00 am Subject: Haiku! Top 10 Honorable Mentions dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Haiku! Honorable Mentions Top 10 Honorable Mentions Self an illusion Many selves do forthwith view Getting to know me... We think in symbol Of the mystery of self. Within is without. Energy vortex. Primal matter spinning down. Feedback? My toilet! Methodology Be Damned Unless This Squiggle Constitutes a Hit And I said to me Dear self ...please don't let me down I need your guidance Do I see a yak? Or will aliens attack? Waiting for feedback! Blind I draw my bow Fleet arrow seeks the target Damn it missed again. Birth, death, sex and sin Is there any thing sacred? We've not decided. Far seeing visions probabilities abound Theta dreams flow in Cold winds blow outside. Stuff is piled up on my desk - analysis time. Other Honorable Mentions The dog wants to bark and the phone will surely ring The minute you start. I know the best way. No you don't I know the way! No it's me who knows! though time and space fly I see with my inner eye all that is tasked me In my mind's eye light Cast on lilies mountains high Double blind bull's eye. Pen touches paper An Autonomic Seizure My Friends Think I'm Nuts. Practice is boring. Give me the magic potion-- I've been a good boy. Water. Motion. Plants. Nothing much here. Gateway Arch-- I should have looked up. Intent in rv Finds the target you shall see. Focus all you can. Beer. Jelly donuts. I know! It's Homer Simpson! What? AOL? Doh! Fear of psi Is a problem can't you see. How is it released ? True rv it's not If the double blind is gone. Know that this is true. Me and my session I now await my feedback chocolate I want

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