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From: "dennanm" Date: Tue Aug 13, 2002 12:56 pm Subject: Improving RV: Beyond Just Practice Sessions dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email FYI I asked Joe McMoneagle: "A research-oriented guy who's also a budding viewer on the pjrv list asks: "is there anything other than more practice sessions I should be doing to help my progress?" It's a good question. Any ideas, is there anything in life or in deliberate experience that contributes to RV skill?" He responded: Meditation, and the development of self control. Staying away from drugs, alcohol, consuming large quantities of food before viewing. Getting plenty of rest. Spending at least an hour a day on yourself and your own mental conditioning. Exercise on a regular basis. Reading across the board in topics of the paranormal. Looking for holes in the protocols you are being subjected to (maintaining a healthy skepticism.) Asking questions. Paying attention to how you process information and keeping notes about it. Learning to control your own emotions (to include: pain, discordant thinking, etc.) Learning not to jump to conclusions. Learning to listen more rather than speak. Controlling the ego. Accepting the fact that failure is involved and needs to be dealt with. Understanding that it all requires having fun and is not so serious a business. Never promising what you mind can't deliver. Not overselling or underselling what you (or RV) are actually capable of. Etc., etc., etc... All the things everyone seems to skip over and never see in my books. [end]

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