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From: Timelord2029... Date: Sat Jul 27, 2002 11:46 pm Subject: Re: Improving Target Contact psitrooper24 Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 >palyne...orizon.com writes: > I think the FIRST GOAL of remote viewing is strong TARGET CONTACT on > a psychic level. The stronger the better. The second goal is > learning to communicate what you get from that contact. I think the > minute the communication process starts interfering with getting or > keeping the "strength" of contact, it has exceeded its place in the > process. Hi PJ so are you saying CRV is not upto the job in relation to getting that strong target contact ? I would also like to hear from HRVG members (maybe glenn could comment here) who could advise on how to get excellent visuals for longer periods. Thanks Tunde ---------------- Moderator's Note: No, I am saying for the extremely left-brained ME, the focus has to be the part I most need work on - target contact - not the part that is actually pretty easy for me - communication in structure. When I focus on communication in structure, 'extreme contact' never seems to happen _in protocol_ (it has happened out of protocol but that doesn't count, as there are other non-psychic sources of info).... for ME. This may be that I need to be more altered state to allow it, and I don't have data to GET me to advanced stages in CRV prior to that point. Or it may be something else. But anything I say applies to me first and generally. Whether it applies to anybody else, is really up to anybody else to conclude. I believe that CRV relates to communications -- that target contact is a matter of personal talent and psychology leading up to it. So the only real question is how using CRV might affect the individual's psychology. I'm so left-brain, it mostly just keeps me there, unfortunately. -- PJ

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