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From: "simplysuspiria" Date: Fri Aug 2, 2002 12:40 pm Subject: Intro; Lucid & Planned Dreaming simplysuspiria Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hi, Having been interested in psychic matters all of my life, I have recently become interested in learning about remote viewing. After reading many of the informative and intriguing posts that I found in the Firedocs archives, I also listened to many of the interviews that remote viewers such as Ingo Swann, Paul Smith, Joseph McMoneagle, and Skip Atwater have conducted over the web. Reading their books as well, I have found a lot of similarities with their childhood and young adult experiences as compared to mine. Having a number of unexplained daily happenings occurring to me as early as when I was 5 years old, I accepted everything as being part of who I am. My family was not so ready to understand why a kindergarten aged child could know some of the things I saw before they happened. Then there was the matter of willing things to happen unconsciously. When my aunt came to visit at that time, we played alot of her favorite rock and roll records that my mother had collected. Somehow the machine broke. After my aunt left, I wanted to listen to one of the records. I remember thinking I hope the record player works now. To mine and my mother's surprise, it began working, but without its being plugged in. This happened many other times and in odd situations. Since those early days, I have tried not to think of wanting broken things to work, but sometimes I still have unusual luck with seemingly unworkable items such as dead cd players, etc. In addition to having dreams that often came true and sometimes knowing what some people were thinking, I could foresee danger for myself and my loved ones. It would usually be the appearance of an item central to the imminent danger. I remember seeing a bottle of liquour and shaking violently when I knew the phone would ring in a few minutes to tell us my sister had been in a wreck. I also knew she would be ok. The same sort of warning saved my life a few years later when I knew I was going to be a passenger in a horrible wreck. Often I have only a moment's notice of the significance of an item. Three weeks ago, I opened a drawer and found an old wallet. I knew within 2 hours my waller would somehow be stolen. I could barely believe this, but I was robbed 2 hours later of my wallet. Most of my life the events I have known about as definitely coming true or being contingent upon other thigns, have related to friends and loved ones. My son is a news enthusiast and has reawakened my interest in world events over the past few years. Well, before the 2000 election, a friend asked me as many do what I sensed would happen in the nearby future. I had a vivid image of people running from 2 burning buildings. A few months later I was able to catch a momentary glimpse to see that this was New York. Later I saw something similar relating to Washington. It is only because I have had a lifetime of practicing capturing those moments that I instinctively know will mean something that I was able to see that happening. I did not understand why. I thought maybe it was civil unrest of some kind. Since it has not been my habit to think about events outside of my small circle of family and friends, I was surprised to find that my eye has now been directed elsewhere. At a later time, I will relate experiences I had in college that border on RV situations as well as the myriad of other PSI events that have characterized my life. i look forward to learning about remote viewing. My question at this moment. I am going to be involved in a situation in which someone suggests something that I dream about. How can I prepare my mind to be receptive to a blind dream topic? I have been reading about the rigorous activities those involved with RV undertake in preparation of dealing with targets. As it is, I can often know when I am dreaming even when I am in the process of doing so, and sometimes select topics to dream about. I liken it to ongoing dream soap operas. Mine mostly relate to far away locations in mountains with a monastary and other austere buildings. I am always traversing terrain and water with ease and with a fervent desire for truth. Any ideas will be helpful. So far, I have enjoyed reading the posts I have see in the past few days. They have been very enlightening. Perhaps after I have read more, I will in a position to try some of the activities. Have a great weekend, everyone. ---------- Moderator's Note: do you have a name? nickname? handle? alias? :-) PJ

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