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From: "suspiria" Date: Thu Mar 27, 2003 4:39 pm Subject: Iraq Intuitions simplysuspiria Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hi, Although I have been quiet in the recent past due to some debilitating health problems, I have enjoyed reading the posts. At the suggestion of an individual, I turned my attention to what I intuited about the Iraq situation. Much to my surprise, I started to have premonitions the day before of the next day's activities. These did not come in the form of a sleeping dream but rather in lucid daytime images that flashed into my awareness without much effort. Needless to say, this has been somewhat upsetting. When the campaign began over a week ago, I saw what would happen with the journalists and with some other individuals who paid the ultimate price with their lives. I then proceeded to see the chemical plant beneath the sand, the uprising in Basra as well as some other things that have happened and a few unpleasant occurrences that seem to be indicated in the future. For most of my life I have mostly been aware of upcoming events involving family and friends. At the suggestion of my son, I have started to think about world events. It has surprised me that I have so many intuitions about people and places I have never seen nor thought about. I was wondering if other members have experienced a situation in which the mindset seems to be on people and events that have no direct bearing on the individual's immediate life. At this point I do not know if it is possible to step back and not see anything else. In as much as I have always felt much older than my years because of my inner world, I need as much youthful vigor at this point as I can muster to make it through these uncertain times and my own health concerns. Best wishes to everyone for a healthy and safe Spring and Summer. Debra ---------------------------- Moderator's note: Best wishes Debra. Sounds like you're looking for the "off" switch. Most highly intuitive people will pick up info about whatever they are focused on, concerned about, paying attention to. My suggestion is turn off the TV, the radio, forget the newspaper, and focus on something else. As much as news feels like it needs reading nowadays, the fact is, your stress isn't going to help anything, and your keeping up with the news is unlikely to make any difference in the global situation. Come up with something positive and interesting for yourself, get a couple books or websites, and focus as hard as you can on those things. Say OUT LOUD to yourself that you are not interested in info about the middle east crisis and would rather not become aware of it. Can't hurt. Be well. PJ

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