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From: "De Garcia" Date: Mon Aug 19, 2002 8:13 pm Subject: Just some thoughts... deann_garcia90...com Send Email Send Email For me the process of learning to remote view, is that, a process of understanding how my mind works and thinks. It's learning the language of the subconscious, which can be different for each individual. If I go out on a calibration target, bring back information, then compare, which information was accurate and which was not, I have found that there are differences between how I see real information, truth, vs. what is my interpretation of it. I believe it is learning the language of subtle energy. As I develop that trust in myself and the understanding of what was the truth or what the symbols given to me, what they mean to me, I can begin to identify the language, or meaning or feeling of what I'm seeing. That's is when my accuracy increases. When I work with energy, or thoughts, or intention, (all interchangeable), I have found that it is the same. Through feedback, develop a focus of thought, clarity, ask the question, and let go of the result, trust the information and myself and just receive it for the highest good of all. This sounds kind of flowery and I'm writing this, however, its the best description I can come up with for the process that I experience. It has been my experience that intention has the ability to set the experience of whether you see the photo or the real place in time and space. There are two things working here, the intention of the person who picked the target and the intention of the viewer. Either one has an affect on the experience, either looking in the envelope or feeling, hearing, smelling the place at the time the person who picked the target wished. I have also experienced that RVing, once learned, is not limited to just doing targets. Those serve as an opportunity to 'learn the language' but more importantly open up a door to accessing any information within a thought or a question. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, drop into alpha, ask the question, and listen to the answer. It can be applied in any given moment. That's one practical, living application, and also going out and bringing back information that is accumulated from the wisdom of all life. Of course there are the opportunities to do medical diagnosis, criminal investigation, scientific research, etc., but could the true value be in the increased awareness of the individual and the ability to identify the power of a thought, and how that thought has the ability to affect their environment? What would happen if people began to understand the energetics behind their thoughts and how those thoughts can affect their world and the people in it? Just a few thoughts...new to the group.... De

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