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From: "PJ Gaenir" Date: Tue Oct 8, 2002 12:44 pm Subject: List Biz: Slight Change in Focus dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Hi list, Well, as you may have noticed, I don't always have a ton of time to pursue posting to this list. You'd think it being mine I'd make a little more effort but there you go, I've been pretty unreliable of late! And often when I do get messages in, I review them in like, the 22 seconds between doing one thing and another, and the semi- arbitrary 'is-it-focused-enough' decisions are usually okay but sometimes err on the side of being frankly overcritical. I've decided since we have a small and closed list, that I am just going to open up the focus of the list. This is partly because the 'experiential' discussion is apparently not real interesting to most people beyond me... PLEASE NOTE if you are currently receiving email from the list, you may wish to change to digest-form or get it on the web only, if highly focused discussion is your preference. There are some caveats attached to all this. This is only boring stuff for the record. I should note that the primary reason I am doing this is so that participating members have a lot more freedom to post and discuss what they want; so that moderation is basically not an issue for them anymore. 1. I'm not going to moderate much for focus anymore. However that doesn't mean that the Mean Moderator will disappear if we get off into the same la-la land that groups like Stargate seem to live in. I will open the list to media posts, book reviews, current field politics, barely-related paranormal topics, etc. But I maintain the right to decide if something is too much presence/%/intensity on the list and should cease to be on it. So far this hasn't been an issue because of the tight focused moderation, but when it's open, it could be. 2. The public archives at Firedocs are already 'selected' archives. Right now that simply means that list business posts, seriously offtopic or just irrelevant-to-RV posts, are not included. However with opening up list focus it also means that my archiving is going to get more selective/arbitrary. This is my option given it's my website, but I note it here just as an FYI. 3. This is a private list, not a public list. I am the owner and reserve the right to be selective about its membership. However I have let a few people in recently without a formal review and I think I might continue to do this. I still won't make it public on yahoo -- people will have to find ref to it through Firedocs or through links anybody else chooses to put on their own lists or websites. However, my openness on one hand means I wish to invoke more severity on the other: my biggest bitch online is people who are not ethical in their communications. This means that they are unable to communicate without distorting others peoples' input, or without using other peoples' stuff for some personal or political gain, or without going off into drama queen politics in private email about other members. This stuff will get a member bounced out of here quickly and I reserve the dictator right to make that decision. It is my hope that my decisions are 'just' enough that those members most worth having, would never have cause to profoundly disagree. Obviously I welcome PEM (private email) input from any member if they wish to share it, but I won't argue moderation or membership on-list. I really dislike going through this stuff as it just sounds like some list of rules! -- when what I am REALLY trying to do is OPEN up the list so there are fewer rules and more openness to whatever members are interested in. I just have to bore you guys with these caveats "in case" of potentials down the road. PJ

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