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From: "David Humphries" Date: Thu Nov 21, 2002 1:24 am Subject: Meditation method a_healey56 > Don wrote: > The method I use goes something like this: Don, The more of your posts I read, the better I like you. There are so many of your posts that I want to respond to, and I just don't have the time. You sound to me like you have a great common sense approach to most of this, and common sense, as you know, isn't too common. ;-) (Maybe I'm just biased because we think so much alike.) Your method sounds almost exactly like the one I developed when I was first told about remote viewing and knew very little about it (I was told about RV by people who I would tell my meditation stories to), and consequently, the one that I did - and still do - get my best results with. I'm new at RV (about eight or nine months now) and still experiment with a lot of different methods that people on the different lists suggest. On one hand I think I should try what the "experts" have passed down to their students, and I have been surprised to find out that I get some good results with these different methods from time to time. But on the other hand, I've always had this nagging feeling that the way I originally did it with no help from anyone (like the way you explain above) is the best way for me. The downside is that it takes a little longer, and I really have to put everything I have into it to do a good job. But I think the results are well worth it. Meditating - learning to focus and concentrate intently for extended periods of time - is hard work. It can be exhausting, and it takes lots of dedication to learn to do it effectively. If you read the writings of people like Patanjali, it sounds like the Tibetan lamas and monks have been doing something very similar to remote viewing for over 2000 years, with meditation as their sole means. When I first joined a couple of RV lists, my mantra was that people should learn to meditate first, and learn to RV after they become proficient meditators. I changed that because I know there are different strokes for different folks, but I think this is what works best for me. I think that what I'll probably end up with is an unorthodox quasi-ERV-type method, with several perspectives and insights I've gleaned from a number of people on the lists about CRV and CRV derivatives. David pjrv : Messages : 1436-1436 of 4038


From: greenmn900... Date: Thu Nov 21, 2002 9:39 am Subject: Re: Meditation method greenmn900... David, Thanks for those kind words. I'm no expert by any means. I learned the hard way, pretty much exactly like you're doing. Just understand the blinding rules and practice, practice, practice. I tried to impose more structure on my method, too, but it never seemed to work for me. I've been able to add some new things like scrying and map-dowsing, but I've never been able to use any of the CRV stuff with any results. Like you said, maybe we are all best at what we start off with. When I first started RVing, I hadn't meditated in years and it was really tough, exhausting, like you said. My wife had a self-hypnosis tape that was supposed to be designed to encourage out-of-body experiences, so I tried useing that. It had a long period on it of total silence (at which time the listener was supposed to be OOB). During that silent period I would try to RV. It really worked well. It made the meditation a lot easier and I didn't have to work so hard at it. Over time I used it less and less and I rarely use it any more. I tried several other tapes put out by different people. The only difference I could tell between them was that some I just liked better than others. None of them really made a big difference in my accuracy or anything. I think your approach of trying all kinds of different methods is really the best, most intelligent way to go. You never know what might be helpful and the only way to learn is to try each one. And I think much of the classic CRV methods can be changed slightly or modified to fit in with whatever works best for any person. We probably all respond differently to varying amounts and kinds of stucture as well. Best Regards, Don

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