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From: "PJ Gaenir " Date: Sat Dec 14, 2002 2:56 pm Subject: Mel Riley Intro for Interview dennanm The next interview scheduled for RV Oasis / PJRV is with Mel Riley. This is a PRIVATE email on the private RV Oasis / pjrv list. Please do not copy this email to others. Much of the content in it will be integrated with our own RV Oasis interview of Mel Riley and will be made public at that time. In the process of having a telephone conversation to get "background and introductory info" about Mel for a write-up for the group, so you guys would know enough about him to ask good questions, we ended up talking about quite a bit of stuff! I have written this out as Q&A literally and I will integrate these with the interview Q&A's, for more info in the final interviews. Q. How old are you? What was your childhood like? A. 56 (born 1946). I lived near a wilderness area and spent nearly all my time in the wood. I became close with a native Winnibago family with six boys, and grew up around them (we are close to this day). Q. What did you want to be as a child? A. An indian. {chuckles} Q. What did you do between school and the military? A. Well when I finished school ('64) I applied for a state indentured apprenticeship program (in industrial machine repair, out of Racine WI). As soon as I completed that I was drafted, in '69. I volunteered for military intelligence, as I figured it was either being a grunt with an M16 in a rice paddy, or going military intelligence for extra year. I figured hell, what's an extra year. You know, I have a problem with the documentary done by A&E, on national TV they said "because of his fear of going to Vietnam, he volunteered for intelligence training." That is not true at all! I *volunteered* for Vietnam on several occasions when in the military, but they wouldn't send me -- I was always assigned to other things. Q. Tell me about your military work prior to the RV unit. A. In 1970 I was sent to do imagery analysis/interpretation on assignment in Germany (based on things like satellite photography). I volunteered for a special duty; at the time, there was a small group of people attached to an Air Force unit. I volunteered to fly on the missions behind the iron curtain. Altitudes between 2,500- 10,000 feet -- in other words, we were sitting ducks! We took photos of Soviet and eastern bloc installations, troop movements, etc. We often acted as an early warning system due to info gathered this way. I was in the Air Force project until 1976. Between '72 and '76 I flew over 400 sorties, earned my Air Crew Wings, four Air Medals, an Air Force Commendation Medal, and two Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards. Q. Not bad for a guy who was never in the Air Force. :-) A. Yeah. I have more Air Force awards than Army awards. In '76, I'd done a double assignment in Germany and was going to have to transfer out to do something else. I was assigned by name and Special Orders to an outfit called USAINTA (US Army Intelligence Agency), which was the forerunner of today's INSCOM. One of the Colonels in HQ there, in charge of the early warning program, knew me and of my reputation in Germany, so when the Colonel returned to the US he requested me by name for a special unit they were forming at Ft Meade. So I was brought back from Germany to be part of that. Q. What did you do there? A. My unit was given the task of looking into the Soviet efforts in the psychic arena -- remote viewing. I just happened to be there - that was even before Skip Atwater got there. I was really very interested. Nobody really wanted to touch it, not with a 10 ft pole. For most people it went against their religious conscience or whatever. Anyhow, Skip came on board, and they gave him the project to look at and as all this was unfurling, and I made myself indespensible. I was probably the only enlisted person that they tested for when the unit began, and the only one there when it formed, all the rest being officers or higher ranking civilians. Q. Why do you think this was? A. The officer they gave it to, a Major Watt, didn't have any use for enlisted people. Q. So that was the unit, or became the unit... A. I did the first Army RV session ever. A training site, a guest house where transient officers stayed on base. After I did that, they shut down for six months due to a problem with "human use" regulations (they had to sign various papers agreeing that the military was not liable for any harmful side effects, etc.). So the first three permanent people in the original GRILL FLAME were Watt, Atwater and me. Another group of people were selected, either on-loan from other units or on a part time basis. McMoneagle was one of the early selectees. Q. Was he the first? He has that


thing. A. I see that all over, like people make such a big deal about that. We were randomly given viewer numbers. We fought a little over who'd get 007! :-) When we sent reports in, each viewer had three numbers, we didn't use the same one all the time, hoping to confuse the initial taskers (since if they kept seeing the same number all the time they could probably figure out who was whom, and we were trying to keep that private). In the random assignment, Joe just happened to get


Mr. Ego himself! But I love him - Joe and I have always been friends. Q. So then it was... 1978, right, when the intelligence RV unit officially began, with you as one of the Viewers. A. Yeah. I had to transfer out in '81 [basic Army regulations], and was lucky enough to go back to Germany and get my old assignment back. I was scheduled to come back to the RV Unit in 1983. I had all my household goods etc. packed up for the move from Germany back to Fort Meade, when I was told the project wasn't operating and I wouldn't be going back to it. Q. Oh! So...what then? A. Allegedly as a 'career advancement', I was sent to a Rapid Deployment Combat Unit. Q. Good lord! Did they HATE you or something?! A. Thank you! {laughs} Fortunately I survived. I was 1st Sargeant of HQ; that my first tactical assignment. I found that pretty much anybody assigned to that unit never got out though. It was real- world real-time covert stuff and they were locked into it, in one way or another, forever. Q. Well... so what happened? A. The RV program was resurrected by the DIA, or whatever. They had a very hard time getting me out of the RDForces, but I finally went back to the RV unit in June of 1986. He retired from the Army (leaving the RV unit) in July of 1990. Q. Do you miss anything about military RV? A. Yes and no. At times it seemed like we were doing some important work you know. But then come to find out that it never went anywhere and nobody ever used it, so... well I guess not. Q. Sounds rather depressing. A. Yes, and it remains the same today. There's not much interest in using viewers in any capacity, civilian, military, whatever (that I know of, anyhow). Everybody would like the info but nobody wants to make it worth my while. And I'm really cheap! {laughs} Q. Are you glad you left when you did? A. Things were winding down... it was pretty much shot by then anyhow. I'm glad I didn't stay till the end. Q. Did you work after you left the Army? A. In 1991, I got a job at a museum in New London, Wisconsin. I later became Curator of Native American Studies there, then took over as Director of the museum. It was a general museum, local history, Native American stuff, quite a notable African collection, rocks & minerals, stuffed animals, a little bit of everything. I enjoyed it, but regularly encountered a bias about not having an advanced degree... Q. Similar to the military issue of being enlisted. A. Yeah. Well, I was there for ten years, I left the Museum in 2001. {The talk turns general, and then it comes up that he once officially died of a heart attack. He says he doesn't remember lights or God or anything else. But, he doesn't fear dying now.} Q. Do you have kids? A. Yes, two children, girls born in '74 and '77. The oldest is a homemaker, the other works p/t in sales. I have four grandchildren, one born on my birthday! What are the odds. Q. What do you do with most of your time right now? A. Well I just finished up the (hunting) season and now have a little more time. Q. Are you religious? A. I consider myself spiritual, but not religious. I lean toward the Native philosophies, and have all my life. Q. I was surprised to hear you were training CRV along with Lyn Buchanan. I mean you were a pro viewer for years before you went back and the 'methods' were then in place. But you're teaching CRV now? A. No... that didn't work out. The intent was for that to happen but it never came about. Q. What are you doing now, for money? Anything? A. Mostly consulting... I'm on permanent retainer with SITE. I do a limited amount of advanced one-to-one mentoring for those who are ... well, who have already trained all they can, and wonder where to go next. Q. How often do you RV? A. At least once a day. Most are ARV sessions related to SITE projects, mostly forms of research. I don't know the details. Other projects once in awhile, as they come up. Q. Do you miss sanity? {laughing} A. I'm okay. I've always had very acute powers of observation, long before, all my life. Lengthy RV sessions can have an effect for awhile, but I usually gets grounded pretty quick. Now it's no big deal. Q. What kind of hobbies do you have? A. I do beadwork - seed beads, Native American style. I'm trying to get two bags made before Wednesday for friends. Q. What do you spend time doing? What do you think about? What's in your life right now? A. I'm close to the Stockbridge, Munsee band of the Mohican Nation - they have their own reservation and casino. I'm part of the Mohican Veterans, and a member of the Honor Guard. We go to functions and pow-wows, do opening and special ceremonies and things like that. They [this tribe] were the ones who trained Roger's Rangers during the French-Indian wars. Many died fighting on the side of the colonists, and also in the revolutionary war. And then eventually, later on, most the indians were relocated out in Oklahoma, while the Eastern indians were thrown out in WI. So they wound up here, with the major portion of the Oneida Nation. Q. How are you doing health-wise? A. Well, I gave up drinking over a year ago. It was getting to be a problem, I'd been a heavy drinker for many years. Q. That's not easy. Congratulations. A. No. Thanks. Well, I shouldn't say it's not easy. Once I came to the realization that this was a potential problem, it wasn't that hard. I don't miss it. Q. If you could do any type of RV and have it funded, what would it be? A. Good grief. There are so many applications that RV could lend itself to. Such as medical field, healing, spirituality, you know, all those kinds of good things. Q. Are you ever going to write a book? A. If I did, I'd likely stay away from the military aspect as much as possible. Just write about who I am, where I was, how I got there, here. Just an ordinary person doing extraordinary things, I've had the opportunity to do some fun things, great things in my life. I'd probably hit pretty heavy on the Native American aspect. Because you know, natives have been doing this stuff thousands of years, mankind has, thousands of years, tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. Every couple hundred years or so they put different labels on it. And now they're trying to figure out how to do it scientifically. Which I think is a waste of time. Q. I think exploring psi with science usually has more value for science than psi. Although some of the ancillary things learned about RV - feedback, targeting issues, etc. - have been extremely helpful. A. Yeah, absolutely. During my first tour with unit, on two occasions I went to SRI, worked with Dr. Puthoff, Russ Targ, Ed May and Charles Tart. I was first introduced to Ingo Swann out at SRI. Then somewhere in that timeframe, I was introduced to Bob Monroe by Skip [Atwater]. Bob and I had some good discussions. Q. I had a wierd experience related to Monroe not long ago. A. What was that? Q. Well, I had this dream, that TMI was considering bringing in RV as like, some kind of course. I swear, I had NOT heard Skip was going to do this -- I would remember hearing something like that! I had this dream and in it, Bob was having this discussion and saying he felt that it... well it sort of tied Hemi-Synch's legitimacy and reputation into RV's which he really didn't think was appropriate or good for the organization. He was strongly suggesting that instead, they attempt to promote the use of H-S in things like like 'shamanic drumming' groups and healing circles and stuff like that. Then like a month later I heard that Skip was planning, then it was in the future, to do an RV course as part of TMI's offerings. That seemed quite a coincidence to me. A. {laughing really hard} Oh boy. You know, I think you -- ah, well, I think that was a legitimate experience, I think you accurately tuned into something there. Bob and I covered a lot of things that I've never spoken about to this day, and I think... well I think I probably won't. Q. OK. What do you think about the RV 'world' -- I don't mean the legit science stuff, I mean the methods-madness and the internet community and so forth? A. Well I don't follow the RV world, so am rather out in the cold, I'm not on a lot of lists or anything. One thing I find ridiculous is all these RV's. They're all the same, it's just a matter of protocol/methodology. I don't know that one's any better than another. If you combine the methods you're way ahead of the game. The way I do my sessions is I start out in CRV structure. What I like about that is it gets me there, I can go back if I need to. All the sudden somewhere along the line I'll probably kick into what's known as ERV, I write 4 1/2 and write everything out that's coming in, and I can go back later on and pick that apart piece by piece. You can do that with AOLs too. Q. Sometimes the methods can make good contact difficult, at least that's my impression, staying in structure requires more analytical work than some can do without going TOO far that way. If I'm left- brain enough to carefully write down a matrix and sort things out, it's seldom I'm in very good target contact, and I'd be pulling away from it to force staying in structure. I do like ideograms though and often go back to them in session. A. I'm the one kind of invented the 'ERV' thing in the Unit, we were doing CRV [in the second assignment period] and I just couldn't, I mean, the info just goes by way too fast to be carefully sorting everything into a matrix, so I started writing "4 1/2" - like stage 4.5 - and then just writing down everything that came. I could sort it out later. My recommendation is that people get a firm foundation in CRV, beginner, intermediate and advanced stages. And then go off and do what they like. What I like is the structure gives you something you can go back to, if you get off target, you can go back to signal line. It's like going to school, to college, by the book, but you walk out the door and throw 'em all away. But at least you have the foundation. That's what CRV provides, is a good foundation. As far as which methodology is the most valid, the best, none, it depends on what works for you. I don't say one is any better than another. It takes a certain amount of natural ability anyhow. I don't agree with the thing that you can take anybody and make them into a worldclass viewer by teaching them CRV, that's bull. Once you get the groundwork laid, then it's up to the individual to find out what works for them. I could be burned at the stake as a heretic for saying that, in certain circles. Q. What do you think of other psi stuff, like dowsing, Tarot, channeling, etc.? A. Dowsing is valid, just another technique, using the autonomic nervous system, that's not too hard. Things like tarot are kind of like rituals or props, you know, to get you there, and if a person is psychic, they're getting valid info by going through that structure. The one thing I don't like to see is channeling. Q. Why? A. You never know who you're getting. {laughs} Q. Odd you assume it's a personality and not just information? A. That's [info] not what I consider channeling. I consider it when someone considers they're in touch with an entity. I don't know if they're dealing with an alter ego, or some type of entity that has its own ego and agenda, but no matter what it is, it's rather seductive, and you can get sucked into it, and generally the info isn't all that good and it can be hazardous to one's mental well- being. So I don't recommend channeling discarnate or any other entities. Q. Are you reading anything right now? What are they? A. Three books at the same time actually. Let's see. EARTH - The Pleiadian Keys. Q. Barbara Marciniak. Did you read her first one, "Bringers of the Dawn?" A. Right, that's a channeled book. No, I didn't; this one was given me to read by someone else. And... "TALKING ROCKS: Geology and 10,000 Years of Native American Tradition in the Lake Superior Region." That ties together native myths and legends to actual geological events that took place. Q. You said three....? A. Right, hold on. THE SACRED PROSTITUTE: Eternal Aspect of the Feminine. Way back when, the goddess thing, somewhere along the line it changed from matriarchal to patriarchal, that's what the book is about. Q. Well that covers the spectrum. I think we have covered a lot of introductory info -- and a bit more as well -- certainly we've covered what I had in mind tonight, which was your history, both personal and military or professional, what you've done since, your interests, things like that. I will write this up so the RV Oasis list members will know something about you, and will be able to come up with some good questions targeted toward your experience, your interests, etc. I'll see if we can get questions to you in a week or so, maybe a couple days after christmas. Feel welcome to call me back to do answers at your convenience, toll-free, I'll record and transcribe. You'll get to review it and approve it prior to it going in public, just fyi. A. Great. We'll talk soon. [end] OK you guys. Get me questions - PEM or on list, either way - by the 24th of December, so I'll have a few days to put it all together, and get it to Mel by shortly after Christmas. Thanks!! PJ Reply | Forward


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Mon Dec 16, 2002 6:02 pm Subject: Re: Mel Riley Intro for Interview docsavagebill Hi PJ, Excellent Pre-interview PJ. I have a lot of questions for Mel.. but starters: Hi Mel, you seem so quiet and peaceful and yet your military career sounded like a John Wayne movie. Was this a carryover from a previous incarnation IYO? Also you mentioned getting reccommended to do RV because of your "reputation" . Did you find use for your natural psi abilities earlier in the military? You were born in 1946, so was Joe, anyone else in the group born that same year.. and what was your actual birth date. Do you forsee ( in dreams etc) any more major terrorist activites occurring in the USA? .. You mentioned talking to Bob ( Monroe?) in the preinterview... and it sounded like he wanted TMI to distance itself from RV. What was his view of RV? Also have you had many OBE's? Do you have any reservations about using RV or ARV to make money say in the stock market etc. Do you feel there is karmic blocks that way? Best Regards, Bill Pendergrass ( also incarnation class of '46) Reply | Forward


From: aeonblueau8008... Date: Thu Dec 19, 2002 4:34 pm Subject: Re: Mel Riley Intro for Interview terri8008 > The next interview scheduled for RV Oasis / PJRV is with Mel Riley. I am really looking forward to this interview PJ, and although I don't say or haven't said it, Gigantic Thanks for all your effort and efforts of the past which is an understatement. Time all your time another understatement, your energy, your amazing mind. It takes all kinds. Mel Riley is one I would load up with every sort of question ever.. and I haven't seen many put forth, but IMO he is one of the very best and true. I have 2, I think I should PEM you them. I also have a graphic I would like to share with him, it's called.. ( Kachina Dancer ) if that works, Yahoo! Groups : AeonBlue .. anyway really looking forward to the interview, just the intro was quite nice.. he is just really a super neat guy. ~T~

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