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From: "PJ Gaenir" Date: Fri Nov 15, 2002 7:04 pm Subject: Message Board/BBS Idea dennanm Someone asked me if I would consider setting up a BBS online like some of those I used to run many years ago. I guess technically there's only one public BBS in RV-land online, but the hosts have made clear that it really isn't for public discussion about RV, more about support of their particular group/style/views. No, come to think of it, they are others, but again, hosted by schools, which almost invariably means politics. My primary observation is that getting enough people to participate even in a discussion list is often difficult; I just don't know that the interested parties exist to participate on a public BBS. I fear a couple of the ones most likely to participate are the ones I'm least interested in talking to, lol. It'd be one more thing to moderate at least lightly after-posting for Trolls -- after The View From Here, a deliberately unmoderated RV BBS, was deliberately brought down by Jonina and four minions years ago (with language and personal attacks that would have made a longshoreman blush, sheesh!!), I swore I'd never do anything unmoderated in the public again... at least, not until anti-psychotic medication is in the public water supply. {Speaking of which, if you've looked into "fluoridation", why not, everything ELSE is in there.} Anyway, I can do it easily, since I run a lot of servers and software as part of my living. But I don't know that the public interest in RV exists for it. So I figured I would ask on the list and see if anybody thinks it's a worthwhile idea. If so, maybe I'll set one up and give it a month or so, see if it gets enough participation to be worth it. Let me know what you think, preferably PEM as this isn't exactly a list topic. PJ

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