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From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Thu May 15, 2003 9:28 am Subject: mind control ozblueriver The author of Kundalini Tales, Richard Sauder, Ph.D. seems to be alluding to Robert Munroe of Munroe Institute being involved in mind control. This is a quote taken from near the bottom of the page on: http://www.alienjigsaw.com/Part_IV/sauder.html Of course, these are very similar to many topics that have been discussed for years on Dreamland. So why is Kundalini Tales all of a sudden "too conspiratorial" to talk about? I think it's obvious: I bring in the United States military intelligence connection. I provide hard evidence of the patents that have been granted, on the open, public literature, that have potential nuts-and-bolts mind control applications. I broach the topic of highly secretive, covert mind control programs run by United States intelligence agencies. I talk about the documented, years-long connection between Robert Monroe, the Monroe Institute and United States military intelligence. I briefly allude to the possibility of using mind control technologies to influence human spirituality. And, don't forget those ex-Nazis at NASA. ------------------------------- Moderator's note: Hi Liz! The Monroe Institute was just as cool way-back-then as it is now. People into RV, scientology, and other "metaphysical and human potential" subjects found TMI intriguing. Some of the remote viewers attended TMI, and it so well applies to human development--even outside RV of course--it was thought it would be cool to have a few TMI courses that were just for military people (who can't always share well in a civilian environment). They did a couple or few but then it was canceled, apparently when one unstable person lost it and the politics of that and knee-jerk fear of the whole topic got out of hand with military management--though this is a guess--it appears they didn't part on good terms (military and TMI). Joe McMoneagle talks about this whole situation, how it came about and the issues with it, in his book THE STARGATE CHRONICLES, which you can find in most bookstores or at amazon.com. It's not impossible that Bob was into 'government mind control', but Bob was WAY OUT THERE compared to what the gov't tends to be into--they could barely handle RV, never mind Bob's level of 'spirit interaction'. I think Bob was a lot less interested in whatever the gov't would want than the amazing nature of an archetypal larger universe of consciousness. Most people referring to TMI and government mind control have nothing except hazy reference and all based on those few classes TMI did that Joe talks about. I'm interested in and read about mind control topics myself for many years frankly (that's me, still waiting to become an Evil Overlord LOL), but I've seen nothing worth taking seriously as far as Bob is concerned. As for patents having 'application to' mind control, hell if we now accuse folks for anything that has an 'application to' anything else, where would it end? That's like accusing the Wright Brothers of dark collusion because airplanes had the 'potential' to drop bombs--eventually. :-) PJ Reply | Forward


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Thu May 15, 2003 5:09 pm Subject: Re: mind control docsavagebill Hi Elizabeth, I think PJ covered everything..but one item and that is: now Skip Atwater is head of TMI. Skip was the founder ( according to him) of the top secret military RV program . So if I was a conspiratorial sort, that would raise all kinds of red flags.. but since I try not to be conspiratorial ..it only raise a few "pink" flags..G. I would wager more than 2 cents that if one could see the budget of TMI, it would contain grants from the Department of Defense or one of its arms or legs for some very intriguing things. But heck everything in this area is tainted with that brush..g Bill --------------------- Moderator's note: > if one could see the budget of TMI, it would > contain grants from the Department of Defense or LOL. They WISH, I bet. ;-) PJ Reply | Forward


From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Fri May 16, 2003 5:01 am Subject: Re: mind control ozblueriver Thanks for that info. PJ. You are such a good RV encyclopaedia. How did you get into RV and get to know all these in's and out's? Cheers Liz PS maybe next Halloween we will let you play evil overlord for a day or so. LOL pjrv : Messages : 3068-3068 of 4038


From: "pjgaenir" Date: Fri May 16, 2003 12:39 pm Subject: Re: Mind Control pjgaenir Hi Liz, LOL. Gee how nice. I would be a good Evil Overlord, really! I have the whole Psi Corps concept (Babylon 5) down too. Black leather gloves. Love it! ;-) Well two of my best friends were/are involved with TMI, one was the co-founder and director for many years, so I am no expert on it but I am familiar with it even outside my attending a couple of their programs (which I highly recommend), and I'm something of a fan of the place. As for RV, if there is only 'one' reality and truth, then I know more wrong stuff than right, since I've learned half a dozen versions of everything usually. ;-) ("But wait!--someone else is coming out of the closet--yet another version of reality is sure to be available now!" :-)) I usually believe Joe's version but that's mostly because he's so amazingly consistent, and his tends to 'reconcile' many other versions and make 'em make sense. That might not mean they're right. Maybe he just has a much better ability to put things together than most. ;-) But I usually learn what I can and then get his side of the story and it's usually his that I trust. When it comes to what people 'suspect' about mind control and RV and stuff, the biggest problem is assumptions. The average person actually thinks that gov't and military stuff *makes sense*. They think that what is intuitively obvious to any of us as a good idea or bad idea, will be to those groups. Issues like irrational, or religious, or outright scared-of-psi individuals with power in gov't/military, or the profound inertia of bureaucracy, and let's not forget sheer incompetence, seldom figure into the equation when people are lining up their lurking suspicions about black ops--but they should, because they are responsible for a heck of a lot! I have a tiny bit of MC stuff on firedocs, but you gotta dig for it, here's a link: http://tinyurl.com/bxts RV is a whole 'nuther story. I did near daily email for six months with Lyn Buchanan (an experiment of his) from 11/1/95 and then I went and spent 5 days with him in Maryland in April 1996 (he taught one on one then). I later attended two of his intermediate courses (group) although by that time I'd done so much phone and email with people using that (and practice using that stage) that it was sort of after the fact. I did Paul Smith's introductory course as a comparison (he was kind enough to offer). I never "formally" did the advanced (Stage5-6) course, though I walked through it via email and phone with a couple of trainer-level people. In a way that may not totally count, since I did get the knowledge but by the time I did that I wasn't DOing much RV, so it was mostly theoretical, which is never as complete as a hands-on, time-spent review. I also had some time with several graduate students of SRV and TRV going over what they'd learned to see the differences. (Prior to RV I'd been involved with some some shamanism, jungian psychology, metaphysics, and ceremonial magick, with an occasional inroad into scientology tech via a friend, so I have some background in other approaches to ... reality and psi as well.) But all that RV 'training' was a zillion years ago (all by the end of '97). It's amazing I remember anything (I often forget!). By the time I knew enough that I could have been considered decently knowledgeable, I was no longer much of a believer in the ONE GOD--er sorry, I mean ONE METHOD--Requirement For Omniscience(tm), so I just frankly didn't much care. My own practice is irregular, though the small business owner + single mother thing is most of that--someday, I will have more personal time...! I'm no expert on anything. Just an 'eternal student' with a big interest. Regards, PJ

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