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From: Pame Date: Sat Jul 27, 2002 11:23 pm Subject: Re: Monitors, Breaks, Target Contact elittlestar > I think the FIRST GOAL of remote viewing is strong > TARGET CONTACT on a psychic level. The stronger the better. > The second goal is learning to communicate what you get from > that contact. I think the minute the communication process > starts interfering with getting or keeping the "strength" of > contact, it has exceeded its place in the process. Hi pj i too have concern on this same aspect about protocol hindering more accurate data gathering because one would have to adhere to a certain basic, kindergarten how to/ when to, of protocols... example ; when a protocol is limiting the about of data the protocol is asking for, and then it requires one to take another little step formatting the next protocol ! ... When, and at what point would or should a teacher implement encouragement to the RV student to progress to going with, that moment of flooded data, when it happens??? If a teacher doesn't help a student to progress differently then the protocol, how much would it hinder the student RV'er later on ... like will it keep them at the same mode and limitations and what would it take to overcome the damper that is in place , i.e. the protocol. Mahalo, Pame --------------------- Moderator's Note: (Using the term Protocol in the context of methods, not in the context of the science protocol that defines RV. -- PJ) pjrv : Messages : 346-346 of 4038


From: "Glyn" Date: Sat Aug 3, 2002 4:21 am Subject: Re: Re: Monitors, Breaks, Target Contact gebega Hello David, Have you been to the Hawaii Remote Viewing Guild at www.hrvg.org ? Visuals are what they go after. If you are too far away from Hawaii (and who ain't? :-)) to go see them, they do an on-line course; they are non-profit making but have to cover their expenses. > From: "a_healey56" > One thing that has happened a few > times is that I've had a clear visual of the target photo - sometimes > complete and sometimes just a piece - appear before my mind. It's > happened on just a small percentage of targets I've viewed, but it's > happened enough that I know without a doubt that it really can happen. Yes it can :-). OK you're not using your eyes, but if the visual processing areas of the brain are involved in processing the data, then like any other sensuary impressionss you will get visuals of the data. Why on earth not ?! I do not know why some appear to think otherwise; but I it's harder to be accurate because the brain is so eager to fully 'construct' what it thinks you're seeing, rather than what is actually there :-). If you are having some accurate visuals already (something I am still working on :-)), then for goodness sake don't hang around, get yourself over to the HRVG board and start asking questions about visuals and training :-). If you go through the basic training then there are advanced protocols that start to use ERV-type techniques to get even closer visual contact. BTW they are not paying me to advertise..:-))) I was trained in ERV some years ago, and realised like you that visuals were going to be my personal 'holy grail'. I practiced and practiced, but I just reached a frustrating plateau and could not get any better. I became excellent at generating beautiful technicolor detailed AOLs, and if there was a prize for that I would have won it :-)))). Eventually I realised that I needed a more disciplined method to help stop my mind from going off into the realms of imagination. There may be other methods out there which are superb, but I have not come across one that concentrates on visuals in quite the same way......also, being in the UK, price and ease of access had to figure most strongly. I now have a way forward, and if I practice enough then I stand a better chance of developing what potential I may have. It's a long road, both fun and frustrating, and like in other mails I've seen, just as I think I'm 'on a roll' my sub seems to slap me down :-)). I remember reading somewhere that the 'learning' curve in RV may be steady progressions followed by long plateaus and so on; until a person reaches their full potential. However, I also think there may be a 'staleness' stage, and at times like that change of method may be just what the doctor ordered :-)). Anyway good luck with the pursuit of your goals, they sound the same as mine :-) Glyn

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