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From: "Glyn" Date: Sun Oct 27, 2002 2:29 pm Subject: More thoughts on time..Future Memory gebega Hi all, PJ wants us to put our thoughts up to the list, so I will take this opportunity to bore most of you and perhaps intrigue some ;-). It's quite long, so sorry about that. It's about Future Memory theory. I originally wrote this some time ago, but I'm often going on about FM, so it's nice to think that maybe when I do so in the future then some may not just grin and roll their eyes....as the idea originally came from the mind of, IMO anyway, a very enlightened and probably brilliant man. Well.... I first became interested in FM when I read J W Dunne's "An Experiment With Time" in the early seventies. My edition of his book says that the first publication of his theory was in 1927. He was the first to come up with the idea, but there have been others who have published books with similar themes (maybe some based on his original concept) over the last decade or so. Dunnes theory is of the nature of time itself. Rather than it being linear (running past to future) he thought time was serial (many of them and overlapping eachother..is my very basic and inadequate description), and this in turn explains why things such as premonition are possible....even premonitions of times far beyond the death of the 'seer'. The theory itself is quite complicated (I find it so anyway), so if you want to know more about it then do read the book, it has been reprinted. I am more interested in the *implications* of serial time if Dunne was right....maybe being able to access our future memories of events in our future past. The best illustration I have ever heard of Future Memory at work is from Dunne's book itself. It's a bit long, so I will use my own words to paraphrase. He talks about a dream, but could just as well be talking about RV; especially ERV. One night in 1902 Dunne had a dream. He seemed to be standing on a high mountain. There were little fissures giving off jets of vapour spouting upwards. In his dream he recognised the place as an island of which he had dreamed before, an island in imminent peril from a volcano. He suddenly realised that it was going to blow up! He was seized by a desire to rescue the FOUR THOUSAND (the number was in his mind) unsuspecting inhabitants. He had to get them off in ships, and there followed a nightmare which consisted of his efforts trying to persuade French authorities to despatch vessels to do so, but he was thwarted at each turn. Throughout the dream the number of people in danger (4000) absolutely obsessed him, and he repeated it to everyone he me (in the dream), and as he awoke he found he was even shouting out about the *four thousand* people that he had to rescue. Some time later (after the night of the dream..he's not sure how long), he sees a copy of the 'Daily Telegraph', which reported a major volcano disaster in Martinique. Ships were involved in rescuing the inhabitants, and it was stated that there was a loss of FOUR THOUSAND lives. Dunne was proud of his prophetic dream, it fitted so well, even (especially) the figure of 4000. He was pleased with himself&&.that is until one day in the future when he was copying out the original paragraph from the newspaper (perhaps for some of his research, although he doesn't say), and realised to his dismay that the figure first reported in the newspaper was FORTY THOUSAND.....he had misread it. However&that moment, when he discovered his mistake, didn't come until *fifteen years* after the event!! OK......he had believed the newspaper article had said 'four thousand' for 15 years! He was upset (gutted more like :-),because his ' prophetic' dream was now wrong in it's most important aspect. Later he got to thinking though..Where then did he get the four thousand in his dream? Why had that number seemed so important; have so much significance? He eventually came to an idea...........he came to believe that his dream of the future was not of the island, not of the event itself......but of the newspaper article he first saw.....and not only that either, because it appeared that he had had dreamed of his *memory* of reading the article; which included his mistake of misreading the number as 4,000! He had accessed his 'future memory'from a dream (altered state) in the past. Simple eh? Maybe RV works like that; maybe not. If so, I think accuracy could depend on how far you go into your own future past the event/outcome/your feedback....ie. what stage in the future you retrieve the memories from. For example, if Dunne had gone forward 15 years he may have got the right number :-)). My thoughts now... I first I thought that this must mean that we only view the feedback (or rather our memory of seeing the feedback, and everything attached to the original feedback of a target; ie web-pages, discussions etc..because it is all part of the ongoing cumulative memory), but people have reported bilocation and experiences of *being* at the site, so how does that fit in? Well, anyone who has had a lucid dream will attest to how wonderful the brain is at putting together 'universes' of it's own creation and immersing you in them. It could also do this with a memory, (whether based on fact or fiction), so then immersion would appear real. FM could explain so much IMO. For example why things are so vague, unclear, distorted...that there appears to be overlay, associations, AOL...Let's face it, what real memories are uncluttered? Especially over time. They pick up all sorts of baggage, and even become totally distorted to the point of being false. This may be what we are dealing with in RV, all the time. If only more people would consider it. It deserves serious consideration even if it turns out to be wrong. I don't sign up to it all the time, as my views are subject to ongoing revision in the light of my experience....but I do keep coming back to it. Thats it. I hope you are still awake. LOL! Kind regards, Glyn Reply | Forward


From: "stanley01420" Date: Sat Nov 2, 2002 1:46 pm Subject: Re: More thoughts on time..Future Memory stanley01420 Hi Glyn, When I was a little girl, my grandmother was always talking about things in the past tense that hadn't happened yet. It could be very disconcerting at times but we got used to it. I personally agree that precognition is largely remembering things that happen in the future. trypper pjrv : Messages : 1037-1039 of 4038


From: "Pame" Date: Sun Nov 3, 2002 6:07 am Subject: Re: Re: More thoughts on time..Future Memory elittlestar HI T I guess I can see you are taking after you grandmother, concerning past 'remember'. Could you clarify for me and or any one else who might question if what you are saying is a past, present or future tense... when you express remember, as it would be that it was there, like it was. So, or would you consider just 'accessing' data, as the viable means vs's remember. Do you remember it as a 'was', also? I know this may sound like semantics, but at what point do we see the future? Are we reliving the moment and Why, if we are ... OK, I just watched the Twilight Zone... of infinite possibilities of perfection in some one else's game of life. Kind of a matrix ... are we supposed to know this? Is it RV that will help us find our way out of this, or are we just learning to understand it all in a most in-depth analysis. ~*Pame% "HaveThoughtWillTravel" "What is created can be improved" Reply | Forward


From: "stanley01420" Date: Sun Nov 3, 2002 12:04 pm Subject: Re: More thoughts on time..Future Memory stanley01420 Well, remembering is a mental process and we are conditioned to use language in a particular way when engaged in that process, so (to me) it is easier to use the same syntax and just engage the process to get at the information instead of stumbling over syntax and getting distracted by concerns regarding how the communication is being perceived by the listener. I guess that in the experience of most pre-cogs there has been so much hostility towards that method that it's become almost a defense mechanism to just be quiet. > Is it RV that will help us find our way out of this, or are we just > learning to understand it all in a most in-depth analysis. I am not experienced in RV. Other's on this list are though. I'm sure they can answer this better than I could. trypper

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