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From: Bill Pendragon Date: Wed Aug 21, 2002 2:29 am Subject: Re: Re: movt in target sessions/energy connections to subject docsavagebill Hi Fortune, I want to comment more on physical movement during session. I just think everyone should try this. I found in Pru's class by holding my hands up moving and shaking around to get a "feel" for some energy caused visuals to really start comming in. Also I could "dive" into the target by physcially diving with my pen to the ideogram.. and would sometimes then find myself in a visual siting in my chair like it was floating over the target or at least part of it like a magic carpet. One target was Princess Dian's death. And I tried "diving" into that target ( blind ofcourse) and I ended up falling into a dark tunnel with light at the end..and really felt like I was falling into this tunnel towards the light. Now I've taken a break for a week..but would like to get back and explore these kinetic feelings some more. Best Wishes, Bill.

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