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From: RON DINELLE Date: Fri Nov 29, 2002 10:30 am Subject: My Kundalini Experience dinellrd Hi PJ, hi all, Friends on the Premonitions list asked me to tell my story about my recent Kundalini experience. I gave everyone the short version in Freevent a while ago. I took the time to explain it better this time. My story is attached below. I was wondering if anyone has a more scientific explanation for my experience. There's no doubt that we can elevate our energies but something tells me conditions have to be just right for kundalini. What I mean is I think the Earth's energy plays a big role. Maybe, a sidereal time kind of thing where the energy grows so much it's more conducive to linking up with one another. Why do I say this? Well, I didn't want to say this on any other list other than my own private list but I feel comfortable saying it here at PJRV. Before our kundalini experience my friends and I all had spontaneous orgasms on August 16th at 5:00AM eastern and 5:00AM Pacific time and we experienced kundalini around noon eastern that day. In addition to our own energies being high I think the Earth's energy was high as well. Another example I suppose of how interconnected we all are. Just wondering if there are any scientific theories that you know of to support this. Ron. Ron wrote: Hi all, one day I was on the net with some close friends and we were joking around. We just kept joking around and we started to get crazier and crazier until we all realised it wasn't the coffee. My friends and I are 2 to 3,000 miles away from each other and we all started to feel a surge of energy at precisely the same time. It started to build slowly and then it completely overwhelmed us. We felt giddy, lightheaded, our chests felt constricted, we had to breathe to stay grounded. It was a euphoric feeling. We were all smiling and feeling the energy of the universe. I would describe it as being charged with particles of energy. The reason I think this happened was because we raised our energy levels to such an extent that we touched each other and this energy came bouncing back to us. Just picture an energy grid lighting up instantaneously between people across the continent. I was at the office at the time and anyone sitting at least 30 feet from me felt this energy field. None of my co-workers realised what happened but I knew they had been hit by the energy by the look in their eyes and the giddiness they all showed. I'm not exactly sure how far my energy field extended but it possibly could have been way beyond 30 feet. The whole time I was chatting with my friends on the net and we were telling each other to breathe. One friend felt warm. It was raining outside and she said she had to go for a walk in the rain. My senses were heigthened so much that I could actually feel the rain here myself. I decided to leave work because I could no longer concentrate on the simplest tasks. I was so overwhelmed by this euphoric feeling of ecstasy and realizing for the first time in my life who we really are. We are energy. An energy of pure love. My Kundalini experience happened because since WTC I have been searching for knowledge and truth as were my friends 3,000 miles away. We were all on a spiritual quest. We somehow met by chance in August of this year but I think it was more than chance. I think our future selves and our higher selves guided one another to experience this wonderful event. I left work to pick up my daughter at school. When I got there a lightning and thunderstorm seemed to come out of nowhere. The winds picked up an circled around me. Around and around. The rain was heavy. I realized right there and then that the energy I felt was connected to that rain storm. The energy of Earth. In the days and weeks that followed the energy hadn't subsided. One day at work I could feel the energy moving around in my body. It moved up my arm and into my heart and then right up to my head. While this energy was in my head my sense of time seemed to slow down. Everything around me in linear time was rushing by me and I understood that I was sensing non linear time. The pressure in my head was immense. So much so that I felt it in my eyes. As if my blood vessels were in danger of exploding. My body was not used to this kind of intense energy. It raged so fiercely that I needed to drink water often and I started to lose weight. I needed the water because of thirst but more importantly to cool down. My internet friends and I could feel each others energy(we still do). We experienced synchronicities like waking up at exactly the same time. 2:22 AM, 2:42 AM, 4:22 AM. We were experiencing coincidences in pairs. It went on and on. And a host of other coincidences in pairs. We were very psychically sensitive to one another because our energies were and are part of each other. No question, our psychical abilities were definetely enhanced. One day I decided to pretend I was a video camera and I asked my friends to give me impressions. I went to a location and scanned a beach area on a Sunday afternoon. I went out there with my wife an kids. I sat there feeling the energy with my arms outstretched and to my amazement my friends 3,000 miles away described everything in detail. Everything, the play structures, the wooden walk bridges, the people there. They were looking through my eyes and beyond as far as my energy field and the energy fields of others around me took them. On another day I went to a market area and there was a man playing a saxophone. I was there acting as a video camera again. Somehow the music from the saxophone lured me closer to it. The vibrations from the instrument intensified my energy. My respiration shot right up. I was charged and feeding off the vibrations. At this moment one of my friends who was 2,000 miles away was going through physical convulsions. I mean her whole body was turnning inside and out. She characterized it later as a metamorphosis of sorts. She saw much of what I saw in the market as well. Metamorphosis? I felt this too. It's as if this energy has changed us forever. An awakening. A dormant DNA strand that was dormant and suddenly awakens? For what purpose? I attended a function at my daughters school and a priest was on hand and he recited Paul's prayer to the Thessalonians. I forget the exact words but it talked about going out and sharing the light of God. At that moment I thought about the early Christians and how they were mauled by the lions in the coliseum of Rome. These people went willingly to their deaths with smiles, with the knowing that life was eternal. I can't help but think they were feeling this same kundalini energy. I think the light of God that religions talk about IS this energy that is in us and all around us. An energy of love. When my energy was at it's peak two people in my unit at work suddenly took indefinite sick leave. I was responsible for not only my work but theirs as well. It was our busy season and the pressures were overwhelming. The strange thing is the energy within me would not let me be stressed. It acted as a shield and protected me. As soon as I felt demands from my boss my shield would feel it. I had to preserve my inner calm and serenity at all cost. To do otherwise was unthinkable. I was firmly within the grip of the energy and going against the flow was very unpleasant and rocky. The only way was to go with it. Part of me was in the linear world and the energy part of me was in the non linear world. I was functioning at 50% of my usual efficiency at work. I told my boss that I was doing the best I could do and they would have to bear with me or lose another body. I went up against management and I won. They gave me all kinds of room after that because there was no one else left. It makes me wonder if somehow my future self knew my colleagues were going to take sick leave and this energy was also a form of self protection. There were mornings when I would wake up and see a beautiful sunrise of violet colours radiating throughout the sky and I cried, and my whole body vibrated at the thought that we are all part of everything around us. We are ONE. To this day I still look up to the heavens in wonderment and awe and I still feel the energy. My life has changed. It's a knowingness that we are all eternal beings and that we are all here to help each other on our seperate missions. Love and light to you all. Ron. Reply | Forward


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Sun Dec 1, 2002 1:39 pm Subject: Re: My Kundalini Experience docsavagebill Hi Ron, I get that would be about 1:30 Local sidereal time. Which would be 12 hours after the maximum sensitivity period. Were you all in separate places when you experienced these phenomenae? Best Regards, Bill Reply | Forward


From: "dinellrd" Date: Fri Dec 6, 2002 2:29 pm Subject: Re: My Kundalini Experience dinellrd Hi Bill, sorry for the delay. Yep! We were all in separate locations. I'm in eastern Ontario, another is in Saskatchewan, another in Colorado and another in Washington State. The surprising thing is if you draw lines and intersect them with our positions you can see a triangle in the form of a 2 sided pyramid on a map. If you look at it a certain way it looks like a 3D image of a pyramid. I can scan a copy of my map and send it to you if you like. I'd love to post it here but PJ tells me attachments won't make it. What do you make of this Bill? I'm not following you on the sidereal time and the sensitivity period. Can you break that down a little for me Bill? I could use one of those sidereal computer time clocks if you have one. Ron. ------------------------- Moderator's note: do a search on LST or sidereal in the pjrv group - we have covered this, there is a link to an online clock, and a link to a downloadable clock as well. -- PJ

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