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From: "etuthill_engineer" Date: Thu Aug 1, 2002 11:31 am Subject: My reasons for being here/firs experiences with RV etuthill_eng... Hi All In the interest of staying on this board, I have decided to post about my reasons for being here rather than my experiences just yet. That is due to the fact that I am about 4 months into learning RV, and 3 months into learning meditation. Nothing terribly groundbreaking has happened there yet. I was introduced to RV by a friend and co-worker of mine, JimK of the HRVG, which I am in the process of joining. JimK has his teaching certification through the HRVG, so I have had alot of one on one training, which has progressed me up through S4. The concept of RV is exciting to me. I am not one to believe in something unproveable, and I did not really until I tried it. My last 3 targets had good solid data within them, so I am now a believer. Basically, I am looking to learn some meditative practices to help my clarity and consistency in RV. That is my only goal there. However, I have found meditating to be extremely beneficial in so many ways outside of that. My life has been particularly stressful of late, and the meditation helps keep me cool, and grounded. My meditation method has pretty much been going through the Gateway series of the Hemi-sync CDs from the Monroe institute. I have them on temporary loan. I have had two noteable experiences with the set. The first, when I was introduced to focus 10, I lost all feeling except for my lungs and mouth. Mainly because that experience made me hyperventilate, and grin a bit, as it was such a new and odd feeling. The first time I went into focus twelve, my vision clarity with my eyes closed improved tremendously, but only for a few seconds. I could see things/people that I knew were not imagination, sort of a free floating RV. I think. It seems that once I recognize a change or shift in regular conciousness, it startles me and I back away from it. Time and experience should help that from happening, I would assume. The biggest thing though- righrt where the 6th shakra is, Om I think? Third eye or what have you, I always feel a tremendous sensation there when listening to those hemi-sync CDs, and it tickles when I look to blackboard. I have always had that my whole life, never really pursued or recognized it in that manner. Part of my pursuit here is to understand what that is. I could usually only "activate" it prior to falling asleep, maybe 4/5 times a year. Now it is on almost always. I look to blackboard and something feels like it is charging up right there. Forgive me if this is something basic I should know more about, like I said, completely new guy... I know, nothing amazing to share yet, but I am a new guy to this. I want to be kept on the list, and I will post anything that happens that is noteable, especially anything session related. Unfortunatly that may be sporadic. I am learning quite a bit from the more experienced here, and I wish to keep doing so. Its my own personal agenda to figure out how this universe is put together, and learning RV will contribute to that, while contibuting to the community as well. I hope. Thanks for having me thus far PJ- and I will post far more exciting experiences given time. And thanks to all for letting me listn round the campfire here... Eric

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