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From: "pjgaenir" Date: Tue Jan 6, 2004 6:31 pm Subject: New Member: Richard pjgaenir Today Is Tuesday 06January2004 Hello PJ Gaenir, My name is Richard [a.k.a. remoteviewer1001]. Some of my interests are, science[especially mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology], and meta physics [psi, remote viewing, virtural particles, etc.]. I've worked as a carpenter, pea combine driver, black walnut shelling machine operator... research assistant in microbiology, molecular biology, and chemistry [synthesis and sequencing of DNA]... Since the age of 11, during the summer of 1964 [in Calcutta, India], I became a philosopher, and have been wondering about the nature of reality ever since. I like to think of myself as philosopher-scientist [novice, neophyte] and have come to the realization that I know so little that I don't even know how little I know. I have no desire for fame and do not want to be well known, I just want to know how the universe works. I've had some training in Technical Remote Viewing [through Stage 4] by Ed Dames and FM Bonsall. This was in a class of about 50 people on two seperate weekends about six months ago. I just started practicing again a few weeks ago [with a five month break in between my restarting and my original training]. Also, I am a member of IRVA. I am mostly interested in joining your Yahoo RV Oasis [pjrv] group to listen to what the group has to say about remote viewing so that I might pick up a few tips. May happiness and good luck be you constant companions. I remain, predestined to have a free will. [Pre-Destiny vs. Free-Will Joke : - )] Sincerely yours, remoteviewer1001 a.k.a. Richard pjrv : Messages : 3737-3737 of 4038


From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Wed Jan 7, 2004 3:56 am Subject: Re: New Member: Richard ozblueriver > I remain, predestined to have a free will. > [Pre-Destiny vs. Free-Will Joke : - )] LOL Richard I like you already. Welcome. We've got a few Richards floating around so I'm glad you also go by remoteviewer 1001. ;) Virtual particles sound interesting. Could you explain what they are? Thanks Liz

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