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From: "PJ Gaenir" Date: Sun Oct 13, 2002 5:20 pm Subject: Next Interview: Dr. Edwin C. May dennanm Our next interview is going to be with Dr. Edwin C. May. May is an experienced physicist and physiological researcher who became interested in parapsychology in 1971. He worked on PK research, worked in India studying psi with those who claimed that ability, and worked with Ganzfeld Remote Viewing researcher Dr. Charles Honorton. May joined the STARGATE research as a manager in 1976 (note from PJ: Ingo Swann requested he join the program, is how he ended up in it). When Hal Puthoff left the project in 1985, May took over direction of the program. In all, May handled 70% of the budget and did 85% of the research of the overall program, which ended in 1995. He is currently Director of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research and Cognitive Sciences Laboratory. http://www.lfr.org/ Here is a formal brief bio for May: http://www.firedocs.com/remoteviewing/pjrv/interviews/bio-may.pdf Personal Notes from PJ about Ed May. Ed May is very "real". Very straightforward. To the point of being so direct, that "politically correct" sorts are often upset about his lack of compromise or gentle tact when it comes to hard science. Much of the parapsychology field is perpetually on the defensive, especially those who are not big on 'hard science', and this has gathered him some controversy, particularly from some of the latter- day folks in the stargate program. Yet third party reviewers acknowledge that the science improved (got better controlled) when May took over. And as a science buff I have to say that the majority of (if not just about all) interesting and worthwhile discoveries about remote viewing, aside from 'psi exists' (that was the easy part IMO) in Puthoff's day, have come from May's lab or involved his work. Ed talks to me like an equal, something that can't be said for a lot of other people who should. He is one of (if not the) leading scientists on earth for parapsychology, as well as a helluva physicist, yet despite I am "Jane off the street", there is no sense or awareness of that when conversing with him. If I have a question or debate that is decently thought out, he takes the time to respond and explain, despite that I am no scientist, and despite that I am usually arguing about something I don't understand. May is the archetype of the 'inspired scientist' -- historically, 'real' scientists have had personalities that combined the mathematician and the mystic, the poet and the pragmatic. He combines being seriously skeptical in the proper sense, with being an extremely intelligent, careful scientist, with a sensitivity toward "real world application" of what science can discover and a gear toward that practical approach. Around 1971 (as a physicist and physiological researcher) he got a big interest in parapsychology. It's a good thing. In my view, May is the best thing to have happened to the scientific field of parapsychology since Warcollier and Rhine. And he continues to be innovative in approach and to make science happen despite the marginal (if that) funding in the field. The politics in this field (much due to lack of funding and issues with science repute) are ruthless, but it is my personal opinion that 20 years from now when all the present politics and media have washed out, what will be left will be a clear recognition of May's major and even primary-level contribution to the field. He has presented parapsychology in scientific forums that were initially hostile to its inclusion, but later and thanks to the professionalism of he and his associates, were pleased to include it. He is an excellent presenter and has done much of that around the world for decades. He works well with others and has collaborated with scientists from many parts of the world. He speaks a variety of languages, is musical and philosophical, and in general, is just a downright interesting guy, with quite an interesting life in many ways. In all, one of the best things about May is what I also like about McMoneagle: he is not evasive, he is not politically correct, he does not 'blur' discussion so as to maintain a seeming expertise while preventing "discussions of equality" with others -- he is amazingly UN-self-protective in a subject and a job both of which are filled with that. You can be frank and pointed with Ed and he will, like a true scientist, not take any of it personally, and answer just as plainly and honestly. May has studied every imaginable aspect of Remote Viewing (RV), PsychoKinesis (PK), and several dozen 'related' subjects. He maintained an 'oversight' position on the operational RV unit during his tenure as Research Director in the now-called-STARGATE program (remember, one point of the research was to support Ops - and his lab viewers also handled operations work as well). His current work covers a few things, one of which is his collaboration with associate James Spottiswoode in "Pre-Stimulus Response" experiments. Previous work in this field had methodological and/or analytical flaws, so this is technically the 'first' fully replicable and so far unreproachable work in this area. This is testing precognition using biofeedback for physiological measurement. Or in english, they wire someone up, a computer truly-randomly generates the decision to mildly shock the person or not, and then they later analyze everything to see if the person's body actually responded to the shock (a) before the shock was given, but more amazingly, (b) before the decision had even been made whether or not there WAS a shock to be given. There will shortly be a formal paper released about these studies, which I suspect will be replicated easily and will quietly rock the science world with its implications. Dr. May is very busy, but has kindly agreed to my request for an RV Oasis email interview! You guys send me questions, and I'll put it together. PJ Reply | Forward


From: "stanley01420" Date: Mon Oct 14, 2002 9:28 am Subject: Re: Next Interview: Dr. Edwin C. May stanley01420 Hi PJ, Thank you so much for doing this. My question is: "What are your views on the possibility that remote viewing and remote influencing may be a human evolutionary response to living in a complex system that is subject to wild card events." Thank you very much PJ for all of your hard work. Mary Stanley pjrv : Messages : 807-828 of 4038


From: "Sharon Webb" Date: Sun Oct 13, 2002 5:47 pm Subject: Re: Next Interview: Dr. Edwin C. May sharwebb_30512 Palyne, I have a question for Dr. May. I'd like to know what his opinion is of the CSICOP variety of skeptic? Many of these skeptics purport to the scientists, but to me, science requires an open mind, not a knee-jerk reaction. That's what I thought a true skeptic was; one who has an open mind and doesn't jump to conclusions without thoughful examination. Sharon sharwebb...net www.fractalus.com/sharon Reply | Forward


From: Ken Burns Date: Wed Oct 16, 2002 12:23 am Subject: Re: Next Interview: Dr. Edwin C. May mesundo > Our next interview is going to be with Dr. Edwin C. May. PJ, what date do you need these questions in by? Ken ------------------------ Moderator's note: Oh! -- good question. I didn't have a specific date set for it actually. But given he travels all over the world regularly, I could lose track of him so we ought to make it reasonably soon. How about by the 25th? I have a couple different guests here from tomorrow until then. P.S. He's a good one for ARV questions, and TK questions, and anything-RV questions, and I hope somebody thinks up something as politically incorrect as possible to ask, as I'd like to see how he deals with it. ;-) PJ('s evil twin) Reply | Forward


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Wed Oct 16, 2002 5:45 pm Subject: Re: Any chance to interview Mel Riley docsavagebill Hi PJ, After reading Joe's book and seeing that Mel Riley was the only other really long time viewer on the project, and everyone including Joe recognizes him as very very good. So would it be possible to line up Mel for an interview? Best Regards, Bill ----------------------- Moderator's note: He and one other first-group viewer are on my list to ask, but I haven't done it yet. I don't know Mel. So anybody who DOES know Mel who is on the list, why don't you either ask him on my behalf or pave the way for me asking him. It would be in about 6-8 weeks. PJ Reply | Forward


From: "Viv*" Date: Wed Oct 16, 2002 8:40 pm Subject: Re: Any chance to interview Mel Riley eclecticviv Hi PJ: I agree. I think Mel would be a good interview, too. Viv* -------------------------- Well it's up to y'all to find him and talk him into it. I am sure someone here knows him better than I do, which is not at all. :-) PJ

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