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From: greenmn900... Date: Sun Oct 27, 2002 10:20 am Subject: Re: Novelty greenmn900... Hi All, Novelty in almost any way seems to support my RV efforts. For example, if I'm told that the session is an applications one, as opposed to just another practice session; I invariably do beter than average. And, as was mentioned by someone earlier (PJ, I think), if I try even a slightly different method I seem to do better with it - at least initially. After the first few times, I seem to drop back down to my former level. Something I've tried in the past that seemed to impact on my depth of target contact very positively is to do this: Right in the middle of a session, when the data flow seems to be slowing down and I'm not getting anything new, or I'm stuck somehow for any number of other possible reasons, I'll ask my subconscious to give me the data in a different or a new way. Often, at this point, in just a few seconds a flood of new and intensly strong information will rush into my awareness. It doesn't work all the time but often enough that I now fall back on this technique every time I feel stuck. Another novel element that has been very positive for me in the past is when my tasker requests a specific type of information. Since I almost always work double blind and my tasker rarely knows what the target is, this isn't done for any specific reason other than to see what effect it might have on my results - in practice sessions, anyway. We've tried everything we can think of to see what supports, or doesn't support, good target contact. This technique we kind of stumbled onto while doing an applications target for a friend of my wife. The friend made up the target. My wife (the tasker) and I were both blind to it. But the friend told my wife she was interested in conditions and developments regarding the target inside the envelope over the next several days. My wife mentioned this just prior to my doing the session. Since then, my wife will occasionally tell me she's interested in only certain types of information during a specific session. I think this added request, sort of asking me to go above and beyond the neccesity of gathering accurate data that's present in any RV attempt, spurs me on to get better target contact. I'm not tasked this way very often, but I've noticed that everytime I am, I seem to do quite a bit better than I do on average. Don

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