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From: "Glyn" Date: Sat Jul 13, 2002 9:38 am Subject: Re: OBE/Bilocation Feelings gebega Hi Ken, What you say about discomfort on your face is interesting. I once had an OBE-type experience........(I call them that because although some of my experiences have fit what most people would describe an OBE rather than a lucid dream, eg. rolling out of my body to the floor, getting up in the same room, walking through the house, going through walls, flying, visiting places etc....but I have never validated any of them, so am not sure they were 'real' or just plain lucid dreams where I 'thought I was leaving my body; which I think can happen................anyway, all through the experience I had a numbness and discomfort round my mouth and couldn't 'speak' properly to the characters I 'met' (another reason I think they were dreams). It was unusual, and you are the first person who I have come across that has mentioned something like that. I wasn't in any RV protocol, but I guess you could say I was meditating; lying on a couch relaxing and thinking. I have not bilocated while RVing, but to be able to do so......and more importantly, to be able to validate the experience against the target, is something I am hoping one day will happen. BTW Bill.....I did that test and I am an INTJ too :-)) Kind regards, Glyn ----- Original Message ----- From: "keb" > anyone that has had a bi-location event felt anything when they "popped" > onto the site. I felt like I went through some sore of barrier and had a > twinge of pain or discomfort on my face.

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