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From: "pjgaenir" Date: Wed Jan 28, 2004 9:04 pm Subject: OBE Logic pjgaenir I was napping earlier and having the coolest OBE. I was aware that I was out of body, but at the time, I believed the dream was a real reality. (Can't argue that, I guess.) I was flying around the room going, "I love. This is so fun! I love the OBE thing." But the more I thought about it intellectually, the closer it brought me to my body. So I went up and tried to go through the ceiling. But I could feel it, and it stopped me. It felt soft, more like a mattress than the ceiling. I told myself ok. I am in a frequency, a rate of vibration, too low-- the ceiling is still partly physical to me. I need to increase my speed and get more etheric. So I closed my (astral) eyes and concentrated on becoming more ghostly, so to speak. I disocvered in this process that it was partly 'relaxing more' and partly actually 'dispersing myself'. As if I were made of billions of particles and and the less solidly they were grouped together--the more they were spread thinly--the less solid I would seem. So I worked on that for awhile, until I was able finally to go 'through' the ceiling and up above the buildings (in that reality) to see the world outside. Then I had what seemed a very strange dream, which I understood was 'back' in time. I had some invention and this guy was asking me what the big deal about it was. I said well, imagine being able to have a light, and you can take it anywhere, and it requires no flame, and it doesn't usually break if you drop it! He agreed that was amazing. I was having a hard time with him because it used lucite in the product, and I didn't realize until he and I were deep in discussion that plastic did not exist in his reality, so seeing something thin, clear and strong and hard was a bit much for him. At some point I went back and the man I was 'working through'--as if I were a spirit that 'joined' him now and then--was thought to be dead, as they couldn't wake him up. There was much more but I don't remember anything else linear enough to write in words. Then I felt that I was getting too close to my body again, thinking too intellectually. As I was thinking about that, I felt I was 'in' my body, and I wasn't comfortable enough (I was sitting up and my head was really leaning. So I readjusted and put myself back into sleep. I had to "relax and diffuse myself" to get 'ghostly' enough to be non-mass enough to slide out of my body again, but then a moment later, noises in the other room woke me up. Kinda neat though! PJ

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