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From: "PJ Gaenir " Date: Wed Dec 25, 2002 6:18 pm Subject: Offtopic: Christmas in Nowhere, OK dennanm My little girl Rykah got her pic taken with Santa about a week ago - and I opened up the local paper today and there she was in full color, gracing a good % of the front page. What a surprise! http://www.firedocs.com/rykah/christmas2002.html Here's the pic they took formally and then the newspaper pic, if any of you want to gander at my darlin lass. I don't know how she ended up so adorable. Her dad and I are both pretty homely frankly -- the gods of charming were smiling on her. This year she's gotten a bit chubbier (so has much of her class - must be an age thing, they seem to thin out by 2nd grade) and it gives her a real "cherubic" look. A disguise, I assure you. ;-) Mom 'stayed up trying to see Santa' (...) till 4:30am and Ry woke me up at 7am to open presents (canIcanIcanIcanIcanI??? When?Now?When? Soon?CanIOhPUHLEEEEEEZE?!), then I had to make a rare 'real' breakfast, and then bake a pie for the family dinner at grandma's, where about 60 people crammed into a space of about 250sq' -- felt like China, talk about 'togetherness', I nearly 'merged' with several family members I'm not even sure I've met!... and I've helped finish the lite-brite picture, instructed in the use of spirograph, Ooooh'd over the ballerina barbie, and I'm about ready to have an early end to this day! We had a great one. I hope you all did as well. PJ

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