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From: "liansidorov71" Date: Mon Dec 29, 2003 1:01 pm Subject: Open Research Project/Publishing Venue for the RV Community liansidorov71 The Journal of Non-Locality and Remote Mental Interactions (www.emergentmind.org/journal.htm) and the Hawaii Remote Viewing Guild (www.hrvg.org) are inviting all members of the RV community to join MindLab03, a comprehensive research program which aims to expand our understanding of remote viewing by the design and implementation of experimental RV protocols, together with an open discussion of all results and methodological insights that come to light as a result of these experiments. - We are looking for volunteers with a strong interest in the scientific development of remote viewing - individuals who, irrespective of the RV method they adhere to, are able to work as part of an experimental team and participate in a variety of exploratory protocols over a number of years. - We are also interested in volunteers who may not necessarily practice RV on a regular basis, but have a strong background in statistics, physics, neurophysiology - coupled with an intellectual curiosity about the underlying mechanism of psi functions. - Finally, the Journal of Non-Locality is seeking to publish any papers describing already-completed or currently-running RV experiments, ideas for future studies and commentaries on any other subject relevant to remote viewing (for examples, see our latest issue at http://www.emergentmind.org/jnlrmiII3.htm ). A more detailed outline for this project is available at http://www.emergentmind.org/mindlab03.htm together with links to the preliminary project sections. If you are interested in joining our efforts, or have any additional questions, please contact me at jnlrmi....com With sincere thanks, Lian Sidorov, executive editor JNLRMI

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