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From: "dennanm" Date: Sat Aug 24, 2002 2:15 am Subject: Our own interview series. (Yup, Kinda Cool!) dennanm Well it gave me a bright idea. I sent a few emails, and now we have not just Joe McMoneagle, but a few other RV Oasis interviews lined up, with some people I think you guys will find quite interesting! (I do, anyway. :-)) By the way, I'd suggested you guys send me questions PEM, but I got zero PEMs and half a dozen to the list. Maybe I should leave it on the list (I sent them all through) since apparently that's the interest, and perhaps it keeps people from wondering if their question is already in the pool... though I don't want to up the volume of the list a lot with non-experiential stuff. I have a list of people in my head I'd love to have the chance for us to talk with, but we will see over time who will be kind enough to agree, as I am not offering pay. Right now my main requirement is that the guest is someone professionally accomplished in their field, which we assumes relates to psi functioning in some way. I think the idea of an "RV Oasis Interviews _____" on a regular basis would be cool! I also think -- while most members don't post much, granted -- this group has a great deal of resident insight, intelligence, and RV experience, so our group could do a pretty good interview series. There are tons of people out there browsing websites who WISH they could ask questions and get responses of some of our planned guests, but given each person is one and the public is innumerable... it won't happen. So we have an opportunity to explore some cool people 'on behalf of' a lot of others. My ideas are along these lines (send feedback if you wish): 1. I'll introduce you to a person I have lined up for a Q&A interview. I'll tell you something about them and why I've chose them, something about what they do and have done, so you are able to come up with some questions. (Members can PEM me with your ideas for other guests too.) 2. Any member of the group can submit questions, as many as they want, though I retain rights for the final presentation. (I may or may not use them all, or may rephrase them, etc.) 3. When the guest has responded and we've cleared up any loose ends (I may ask a few follow-up questions), I'll write an intro so the article is finished (introducing the person to the public, linking to their own media or whatever, and so on). 4. When done, I'll post a private URL (no public links to it) so you guys can read it first of course, and then later I'll make it public on the Firedocs RV website, as an ongoing series. The schedule of these will fluctuate, but I'd like to try for say, every 3-5 weeks. The yahoo chat does not work 80% of the time, so my original idea of having chats every couple of weeks with members is just not very workable. (Yahoo, of course, could not care less.) I was a little disappointed about that, as I think real-time talk has its value too. But this interview series idea cheers me up. :-) PJ Reply | Forward


From: "scottrver" Date: Sat Aug 24, 2002 11:16 am Subject: Re: Our own interview series. (Yup, Kinda Cool!) scottrver Hi PJ, I think it's a great idea. Sorry about not PEMming you the question - I enjoyed seeing the questions from others. It might be nice to see a list of prospective interviewees. Scott ---------------------- Moderator's note: Hi Scott. Well, right now I don't have a list of prospectives except in my head. I don't want to list them until they've agreed (for reasons I won't bore you with). I have a short list of some who've agreed (three I've asked so far have all agreed), but I'd kind of like each one to be a little surprise as they each come up in their own time. Some of these may not be familiar to everyone on the list, but I've had the chance to get to know tons of folks in the last 7 years, and know some who have a valuable history related to psi functioning and might offer a slightly unique perspective from what we've all heard (1001 times...) already. I'm glad to hear (_PEM_) anybody else's suggestions for potential guests, though! -- PJ pjrv : Messages : 612-612 of 4038


From: Karl Boyken Date: Sun Aug 25, 2002 9:15 am Subject: Re: Our own interview series. (Yup, Kinda Cool!) kboyken Hi, PJ. I have a question for Joe. I'm curious as to how RV has affected his concept of good and evil over the years. Thanks. -- Karl Boyken mailto:kboyken...t http://soli.inav.net/~kboyken

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