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From: greenmn900... Date: Tue Jan 14, 2003 1:38 pm Subject: Re: Outbounds and time greenmn900... PJ, > You wrote: > "Moderator's note: What impressed the hell > outta me was that you specifically > *named* her target and then cascaded > conceptually back into the RV target. > I'm thinking you and your wife should be > doing outbounder trials. :-) PJ" You know, I don't think I've ever done a traditional outbounder with a beacon person. Sheila always just takes a picture of the target site and writes down the name and/or address and puts it all in an envelope. We usually do the session during the seek and then go to the site for feedback on the weekends. They're a lot of fun. Outbounds really messed with my mind when I first started RVing. They really drove home the point that time is meaningless. The oddest things would happen: Like one time I was RVing the Coral Springs City Hall. I saw a kid on a reddish-orange tricycle. When we went there for feedback about 3-4 days later, there was a kid riding around in the parking lot on a reddish-orange bike (not a trike, but close). Sheila set up a target that was a playground. There was no one there when she took the picture. When I RVed it I could hear kids laughing and talking and I saw a grown man sitting on one of those plastic horses that are on springs for kids to play on. When we went there for feedback the following weekend, the playground was full of kids and there was a man with a little girl on his lap, sitting on the plastic horse. I RVed a place caled "Butterfly World" in Coral Springs. It cost like $18 dollars per person to get in and we didn't go for feedback for over six months. While I was in-session I had seen a bunch of candy bar wrappers laying on the ground. Some were dark brown and some were orange. When we finally went for feedback six months later, we found a pile of Snickers and Reeses candy bars wrappers. This time-shifting stuff really freaked me out back then. It seemed like the outbounders had a lot bigger effect on me mentally than just doing a precog target where the target is chosen after the session is over. They had a lot more impact. I just couldn't get used to the idea that either (a) I was moving back and forth through time when I RVed, or (b) time didn't really exist, at least not like I was used to understanding it. Both of these possibilities got me to thinking about all the different paradoxes that they implied regarding time. Eventually I learned to just settle down and take it all in stride. But it still always amazes me when something like the above examples happen. Warm Regards, Don

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